Monday, July 14, 2008

Hobby in Plano, TX - Part 1

Just got back from the Plano branch of Hobbytown USA. Not bad at all (especially considering that I arrived less than 10 hours ago in the middle of the night). Hobbytown stocks all kinds of miniature stuff - railways, military model kits, Warmachine, Fantasy, 40k, all kinds of RC (cars, aircraft, boats) and a great selection of tools and materials.

What's interesting is that for a generic hobby place, the 40k scene is not bad at all at this store. They opened late on Friday so that they can do Midnight Madness - selling 40k 5th Ed at 12:01 a.m. They kicked off the 40k release with an Escalating League. Pretty cool league - 1st week 500pts, 2nd & 3rd week 500-1000pts, etc. Painting nights. Objective and terrain building nights, and all the stuff you'd expect from a games community.

Apparently I missed out on some good gaming yesterday, about 15 gamers (they have 4 tables). Gaming is usually on Saturdays, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. We'll see what happens this Wednesday.

They also gave me their Gaming and Event Schedule, which goes out to end-August. Other than the stuff I mentioned above, there's going to be a Mega Battle on 9th August, and a Fantasy league which kicks off on 30th August.

I like the place, and is definitely worth saving on my GPS for much future return visits. I originally went to the place for some paints and the Apocalypse Reloaded book. The book's release has been pushed to Friday, but I got my paints AND a nice big Ravenwing squadron box set :)

Stay tuned, there are a few more stores to visit over the next few weeks, including GW Gainseville.


  1. Sounds cool- Hobbytowns vary greatly in the US for their support of miniature wargaming, but this one sounds like a good one. Nice!

  2. darn... the place sounds great... by any chance i can order a drednought plasma canon from you to bring back.... :)

  3. hmmm ... we'll have to think about that ... i don't want to start a deluge of orders

  4. This might sonud stupid.. but dont you bring your TS?? :lol:

    Next time you visit. Make sure you wear Legio shirt Lan.

  5. No, I kinda like my TS to not break or get lost in transit. I did buy about 500pts worth of additional Ravenwing though, so maybe I can join in some of the battles after I paint em

  6. 500 points? wow. what? 1o bikes?
    go teach em a thing or two Lan.


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