Monday, August 11, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX - Part 5

Came back to Plano yesterday after 2 weeks in Fort Worth. All in all, these past 4 weeks have been pretty productive. I finished painting an infantry platoon (including PIAT and knee mortar which I forgot to paint for 1st platoon), an MG platoon, an anti-tank platoon (complete with 6 pounder guns and Universal Carrier) for which I had to convert 4 crewmen, and 2 M10 tank destroyers. And I'm about 80% done on the 3rd and last infantry platoon. The only thing left for my 1500pt British Rifle Company list is the 25 pdr battery, which I'll start right after the infantry is done.

On the drive from Fort Worth to Plano yesterday I popped by Big World Comics in Carrolton. It's a small store that's jammed packed with stuff. An entire wall is plastered with FoW stuff - the stock is really good. They even have some stuff leftover from early-war, which is cool. Another wall is filled with GW stuff, 40k and Fantasy. What's cool about the store is that they still keep some real OOP stuff. There were even some old BFG stuff. Nice.

At the store, I met one of the regular FoW gamers who meet there every Saturday. His collection is pretty cool - Rumanians, Finnish, and early-war stuff. And he's quite the veteran wargamer with collections in all kinds of periods and scales and we had a good time talking shop. To me, that's the cool thing about traveling - getting to meet wargamers from all over the place.

Talking about that, I suddely remembered about a group called the Dallas Thursday Night Irregulars. I had bumped into them online a long time ago, but for some reason totally forgot about them. Anyways, I shot them a mail and we're looking at a possible game next Sunday - most likely a FoW 1942 desert bash. That would be awesome. They also gave me another list of stores to check out ... which of course, I will!


  1. Battle Report, dude! Battle Report! Let's here how your British do in their first combat trials...

  2. I won't be using my Brits. Wrong period. They are loaning me an army. Quite looking forward to it


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