Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX, Part 7

Well, this is the final instalment of this series, for come later next week, I fly home!
And I can roll some diiiiiiceeeee!!!

Anyways, had a great time at Hobby Annex tonight. Quite a vibrant gaming community with really friendly people. I arrived at 8:30pm, and there were a couple of people leaving, but there were at least 20 people there. The 8 tables were pretty cool. Anyways, I let the pictures do the talking. Btw, the one above is a shot of a horde of Orks who were having a hard time against Emperor's Children.

Some painting action going on - while a Riddick movie plays on the PC.

Orks charge across a bridge ... waaagh

Green slime oozes from beneath the door of this mysterious manor.

This Ork sentry post comes komplete wid praktikel reminderz

If you boyz wansta git in ...

What big wings you got grandma

Apparently, gaunts breed well in Texas too. Must be all them steak y'all.

4,000pt Fantasy action

There is a reason why the gates are locked ...


  1. that is great!!!
    thnx for all the awesome pic...
    must be a real fun for u..

  2. It was ... pity i don't have my armies with me


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