Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slow, but cool hobby night...

For the first time (to the best of my recollection), last night was the first hobby night that featured everyone building and/or painting miniatures. Not a single game was played! Norman, Saleem, and I all furiously worked on our budding forces. Norman is painting a Warmachine warjack that keeps looking better and better. Next time you attend hobby night, be sure to bug him and check it out. I personally love the inked verdigris effect on much of the exposed metal parts. Very cool.

Saleem put together the bulk of his Soviet "Tchanka" teams- basically horse drawn wagons with a machine-gun team on board. He even incorporated resin tree stumps and creative arrangement to give them the sense of rushing along at breakneck speeds, happily shooting down as many fascists as possible.

As for me, I put together and spackled another two armored panzergrenadier squads, assembled another Panzer IVH, and put together two bases of Nebelwerfer rocket launchers for my German Panzer Lehr armored panzergrendier company.

We also listened to way too much 'Tenacious D' in our never ending quest for the perfect fusion of metal and hobby. Well, I would like to find that anyway!

As a final reminder, there will be no hobby night on Friday, August 15th. I'm getting married, and Saleem is coming as well. So, we won't have anyone to keep the factory open for hobby madness. However, Saleem has agreed to open hobby night on August 22nd, so we won't have to cancel that one as I originally thought. I will be on my honeymoon so I won't make it.

So, last night was quiet but very productive for the folks that made it. I look forward to seeing you all after I get hitched, and I'm also really looking forward to getting in some serious Flames of War gaming!



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