Monday, August 18, 2008

Hobby in Plano TX, Part 6

Checked out this store called Hobby Annex. And this is one gamer's store. Recently under new management since June, this is a store owned and run by gamers, of gamers for gamers. Nice selection of hobby supplies, plastic and resin kits and some RC stuff, but mainly GW 40k and Fantasy, some LOTR, Warmachine, AT-43, Battletech, Magic, etc.

One of the regulars, Bob, walked me through the store. One half of the store, separated from the rest of the store, was the gaming and painting area. 6 tables with ample space, and nice racks of terrain. There were some freshly built Orky buildings, which I thought were real cool, and quite characterful (the lookout station had graffiti that said "oi, wake up!"). There's also a room where some nice diorama projects are kept. Real cool 1/35 scale stuff.

The store manager, Jeff, is real friendly and being a gamer and modeler, was really helpful with hobby tips, and gaming tips. He's building a Tyranid army and showed me a couple of models, pretty cool - one gaunt had an OOP Warrior's head on it, which looked nice.

Anyways, the store will soon be moving a couple of miles up the street to a better location, so they are having a Fantast/40k gaming frenzy this coming Friday - which yours truly will definitely attend.

Meanwhile, my Brit infantry are all done, and the last unit of the army list - the 25 pdr battery - is on the painting table, primed and ready to go. With luck, I'll be able to finish this by next weekend, and that would complete my 1500pt FoW late-war British rifle company army.

I did a bit of shopping too - the excellent Imperial Sector set and the moonscape craters. Look out for them on Legio tables next month.

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