Friday, December 12, 2008

Stats Update- New Leader!

Congrats to Chuah for shooting up to the top of the rankings with some decisive victories- nicely done! I've gotten some results, and updated a few games. However, the following games have NOT been added:

Azim, I need your results from your game with Chuah before I can post them up.

Harvinder, I need your results for the game you played against Azlan. I'll post your game up once I get those.

To clarify, folks, BOTH players must email in COMPLETE results as soon as possible- preferably within 24 hours of the game taking place. To avoid your results getting lost or misinterpreted, please email them in through the Legio Malaysia site. Do not email results via forums, Multiply private messages, or to other people like Azlan. It would make it a lot easier on us if all of the off-site game results were sent to one place.

It would also make things easier if everyone would please use the results form we posted at the beginning of the league. Click here to download a copy, and if at all possible report your results by filling out a soft copy of this and attaching it to your email through the Legio Malaysia site.

Your cooperation will make things a lot easier for us to properly tabulate accurate, timely results. We appreciate it! :)

Week 3 ends tonight folks, and tomorrow will start the 4th and final week of Season 1. Remember, all games MUST be completed and results turned in by Friday, December 19th at midnight. Once all of those results get compiled, we'll announce the top 3 regular season players, and we'll also let you all know who won the "Wild Card". We'll then make immediate arrangements for the finals at Hobby Night on December 26th!

Hopefully I'll see a lot of you tonight at Hobby Night!



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