Saturday, December 20, 2008

40k League Season 1: End of Regular Season - On To The Championships!

It's been a hectic League month. Because of the short season, League players have been frantically getting games in with just about whomever who dares pick up the league challenge. We see people making all sorts of excuses to get in more gaming time, some of which actually make sense too ... ave Legio!

The last regular season dice have been rolled and the results have been tallied, and we end up with the regular season final standings at the bottom of this page. AND, we have the Final Four:

1. Chuah S.
2. Syamael
3. Peter C.
4. Nahri S. (Wild Card)

Azlan R. bowed out gracefully.

Chuah, remember that the League rules are clear that your models need to be fully painted and properly repped in order to actually make it to the Championships. If for any reason you can't make it, then we will pick the next in line in the standings to play in the Championships.

The Championships will be held at Comics Mart in Mid-Valley on Saturday 27th December, at 12:00 noon. The games will have a 2-hour time limit, and I will bring the scenarios that will be used.

With the end of the regular season, we've also found Season 1's Fanatic, Appearance and Sportsmanship winners, and they are ...

Legio 40k Season 1 Fanatic - Shazli M., with an amazing 15 games!!! ... the last of which was played and ended in time for the midnite deadline.

Legio 40k Season 1 Best Sportsmanship - Faizal S. ... proof that Chaos Space Marines are, deep down inside, really nice guys at heart.

Legio 40k Season 1 Best Appearance - Azlan R. ... gee, thanks guys.

Legio 40k Season 1 League Champion - find out on the 27th who will be crowned the first ever Legio league champion and thus win the coveted Purity Seal and have his named placed on the Legio Malaysia Hall of Fame plaque.

The awards will be presented at the awards ceremony during the kick-off of Season 2 in mid-February.

Anyways, it has been a blast! I hope you all had fun - I did! See you all on the 27th for the play-offs. I'll also be sharing a bit more about the Legio 2009 Calendar (which, btw, you can find below) ... good times!


  1. Wow I guess my game vs Kadir did not make in time to the official results, or it would have been a whopping 16 games! No matter, it was an insane season, with an average of 4 games a week.

    I will now officially lay off 40k for the rest of the year and get some painting done. Or perhaps some catching up on reading or house cleaning haha.

  2. I shudder to think the evil that lurks in the house if this had been an 8-week league ... lol. Till Season 2. Btw, you should check out the FoW league kicking off in January, even if you're not playing

  3. Best Sportsmanship? Didn't see that comin..hehe

  4. I will be there next Saturday with my fully converted Oblits.


  5. Awesome- what a great finish to the regular season! Congrats to all the winners thus far, and good luck to the Season 1 finalists at the Championships!

  6. the league was a blast.. if only i could have a few more games.I will be there this Saturday..

  7. Chaos won the best sportsmanship??
    That was the funniest read i had so far hahaha..

    Congrats guys.. :)


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