Friday, December 12, 2008

World War II Comes To Legio Malaysia!

2009 promises to be a HUGE year for Legio Malaysia and Flames of War! We've planned not only a league and a Legio Tournament for FoW, but also our first-ever campaign with the impending release of Firestorm: Bagration. It's gonna be awesome!

Our first venture into war-torn WWII Europe will be our first season of Flames of War league action. You'll need to submit a 1500 pt, Late War list to join The League- we'll start accepting them on January 9th, and you can start playing games on January 16th. There is no fee to join the Season 1 Flames of War League, and games may be played anywhere, not just at Hobby Nights!

For the Season 1 FoW rules packet, click here.

For the Flames of War Legio Results sheet, click here.

In addition, we're running the Flames of War "Firestorm: Bagration" campaign starting February 13th. More details will come very soon for what promises to be an awesome time.

Finally, we'd also like to bring your attention to the next Legio Tournament, which will be a 1500 point Flames of War Late War tournament to be held on Saturday, March 21st. Themed for the Eastern Front during Operation: Bagration, this tournament should be a great time for all comers. Again, full details and a rules packet will come very soon for this tournament.

We're thrilled to be able to support this outstanding game system for our membership and for other hobbyists in Malaysia. For those who haven't tried it, there hasn't been a better time to get involved!



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