Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Only 3 Days Left to Join!

League action has been hot thus far, with several games already in the books. Believe it or not, Season 1 will be halfway done in three days! Remember, ANYONE who completes 4 league games and plays a fully painted army has a chance to be League Champion and earn the coveted Purity Seal. The more games you play, the better!

Being almost halfway done also brings us to another milestone- the end of signups. That's right, anyone interested in playing in The League who hasn't signed up yet needs to get it done NOW. At midnight this Friday, Legio Malaysia will no longer be accepting new entries into Season 1. So, don't wait- join today. You can either show up Friday night and turn in your list, or you can email us through the Legio Malaysia site. If you're a 40K enthusiast and enjoy playing, don't miss out on this historic first season. It's fun, and it's free!


  1. What the.....??
    I will be back on Sunday and the entries closes on Friday....knowing my ass luck, I am not even surprised.

  2. Doc, just send in your list by email by Friday night. Then all you need to do is play some games with other league players ... just need to play minimum of 4 by 19th Dec ... no prob

  3. I even posted a note on your blog suggesting the same thing Doc! Lol

    Just email me your list and you're signed up. It's that easy!

  4. yup doc register first.. send your list to lan.

  5. Thanks guys.
    I will send my list to Jeff asap.


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