Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend League Stats Updated

All of the Week 2 games I've been told about have now been updated. Fortunately, both sides reported in for all games, and there were no discrepancies. Huzzah!

As you may have noticed with the league stats below, I've made a formatting change to make understanding current league standings a little easier. From this point forward, only those players who have current minimum games completed will be ranked. The minimum games number is equal to the current league week minus one. So, since we've started Week 3, everyone at this point should have already played 2 games to be current. Therefore, anyone with 2 or more games played will be ranked. Anyone with 1 game or less will not. However, if you're one of the "red" players, don't despair! As soon as you get caught up in your games, you'll be ranked.

We did this to avoid the scenario of someone playing one game, scoring a very high score (like a 19), and then not playing another one for the rest of the league. It's not fair to list them in 1st place over other players who are getting games in.

If anyone is confused about this and need more explanation, I'd be happy to explain to you. Just drop me an email and we'll get ya sorted!



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