Thursday, January 15, 2009

40K League Season 2- Feb 6th

Yes indeed fellow Legionnaires, the second season of our Warhammer 40,000 league is just around the corner!

For those interested in getting a jump start on the changes/requirements for Season 2- your calls have been answered. If you take a look to the right, you'll see the Season 2 40K Rules in our new gaming downloads section. Download and check it out. We've made two major changes, and have placed a stronger emphasis on another.

First, in the interests of diversity, we are allowing ForgeWorld models to be used in your league lists. That's right, if you've been itching to add your Repressor to your Sisters of Battle list, the time is now to crack it out! There are limitations- in the interests of game balance, flyers and super-heavy vehicles are not allowed. We're also not allowing creatures with Mass Points, like the Barbed Heirodule. Just about everything else is free game, as long as you're using the actual ForgeWorld model, and you have a copy of the rules for it. Check the league rules pack for complete details on this exciting new addition to the league.

Second, we've changed how the Wild Card gets seeded. Rather than being a random draw of all qualified participants (as we did in Season 1), this time around we have something much cooler in mind- a tournament! Check out the rules packet for full details on how you qualify for the Wild Card Tournament and hopefully win the Marksman's Honour and a seat at the League Championships!

Finally, we've had to put our "meanie" hats on and do a little "hobby enforcement" based on experiences from last season. In particular, we've made some clarifications and new rules related to conversions/scratch built models. We've also made some changes to how off-site gaming works. We love outstation folks to play, but record keeping was tough for us due to folks not following up with their after action reports properly. If you plan on playing games outside of Hobby Night, PLEASE carefully read the section on off-site gaming.

So, gear up and get ready! Don't forget that we'll have free drinks and snacks to celebrate the launch of Season 2, AND we'll be handing out trophies and other cool stuff to last season's winners. Ave Legio!


  1. YAY! Chaplain Dreadnought, here I come!

  2. That would be awesome ... hmmm, maybe I should IG instead of RW ... Leman Russ Vanquisher!!!

  3. My FW choice isn't nearly so exotic- just a Multi Melta equipped Razorback :)

  4. Wohhooo! Can't wait for season 2 to start..Btw I tried to open the link for the rules but it says there 'page not available'..

  5. I can't wait either ... let me check what's up with the link

  6. Ok, the link is fixed ... happy downloading :)


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