Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Time Is Upon Us!!!! 40k League Season 2 Registration

Following the triumph of Chaos in Season 1, dark clouds of war gather once more over the Legio 40k scene as we step into the crucible of battle that is Season 2!

What that means is that registration for the 40k League Season 2 starts tomorrow! So get busy with your lists and register. Check out the rules pack for details - you can download that off the link on the right.

The regular season itself kicks off February 6th. And don't forget that we'll be giving away the prizes for the Season 1 Award winners on that evening. Food, drink, merriment, toy soldiers, dice, howls of the vanquished, pride of the victors and the coveted purity seal!


  1. Lan, what is the organizer's decision on the combi-weapon fired versus unfired discussion we had on Multiply?

    And also, my recent rereading seems to suggest that drop pods benefit from the Deep Strike Mishap table should they scatter off the game table. Should they benefit from it?

  2. In the Leage Rules download, it states Blood Angels must refer to the White Dwarf versions of the codex.

    However, the Blood Angels Codex downloaded from the internet is updated to the 5th edition.

    May we use that instead of the WD version? It is better formatted.

    On another note, I want to field a Chaplain Dreadnought from Forgeworld but the rules are experimental. Do I follow those rules or do I just treat it as a normal Furioso Dreadnought?


  3. Also, do we need to have a base for Attack Bikes? They are bigger than the normal calvary bases.

  4. Shaz,

    A model armed with a combi-weapon counts as being armed with that weapon regardless of whether he's fired the secondary weapon or not.

    I don't have my 40K rulebook or SM codex with me, so I can't give you a ruling on the drop pod thing. Bring it up at Hobby Night tonight and we'll get it clarified.


    Yes, use the 5th ed download. That was an oversight on our part. No, experimental rules are not allowed. However, you are more than welcome to use the Chaplain Dreadnought as a Furioso. Just specify to your opponents.

  5. Also, Attack Bikes do not require a base, since they are not provided with one.


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