Friday, January 16, 2009

Flames of War League Starts Today!

The wait is over, and today officially starts Legio Malaysia's first Flames of War league. For all of you out there playing in a Legio activity for the first time, welcome!

I thought I'd make a quick post reminding everyone of a few things that might crop up. We strive to run a completely objective league, with consistent standards and fair play throughout. We strongly recommend you thoroughly read the league rules pack if you haven't done so already. It contains just about everything you need to participate and have a great time. One thing I thought I'd briefly recap is off site gaming.

Any game that is not played in the presence of a League Admin (which is either myself or Azlan Ramli) is considered to be played "off site". Normally, when you play a game at Legio's Hobby Night, after the game is done both players fill out 1 results sheet and turn it in to either me or Azlan. Then, one at a time, they each confidentially report the scores for Sportsmanship and Appearance they would like to give to their opponent. We record the results, they get keyed into the master score sheet, and neither player ever knows what the other gave them. Playing off site, we have to do things a bit differently.

When you play off site, as many of you will do tomorrow at Cempaka School, the process is slightly different. Once the game is finished, both players should figure out how many league points they each earned.


Let's say Joe and Bob played a game, and Joe won. Joe gets 15 points for a win, plus one for destroying Bob's Company HQ for a total of 16 points. Bob lost, so Bob gets 5 points for that. Bob didn't earn any bonus points, so Bob's final score is 5. Both players take note of each other's scores, shake hands, and go on with their gaming afternoon.

That evening, Joe gets on the computer and writes an email to Legio Malaysia that should go something like this:

"Hi, this is Joe, and I played a league game today against Bob. I won the game and killed Bob's company HQ, so I earned 16 points. Bob didn't get any bonus points, so he got a total of 5. He was a great sport, so I have him a 10 for Sportsmanship, and his army looks really good so his Appearance is an 8. I attached the results form that has all this in it. Cheers!"

Bob writes an email like this:

"Hi, this is Bob, and I got my butt kicked today by Joe's Germans. He killed my company HQ, so his total was 16, and I didn't earn any bonus so my score is a 5. I gave him a 7 for Sportsmanship and a 9 for Appearance. I attached the sheet as well. Cheers"

It's very important that each of you report BOTH scores- this serves as a "check and balance" to make sure the correct scores are reported. This also preserves the anonymity of the appearance and sportsmanship scores you wish to assign. Attaching the results form (available on the right in the gaming downloads section) will help make scoring that much easier, and regardless needs to be send with your email if at all possible. At a bare minimum (in case you don't have Excel), we need the two scores, and the appearance/sportsmanship scores you wish to assign to your opponent.

The last things I wanted to clarify is that for a game to be official BOTH PLAYERS must be members of the league, and you can't play the same player more than once. We do this to prevent someone from playing the same beginner player 10 times, beating him 10 times, and getting into the League Championship that way. :)

So, everyone enjoy and have a blast with the league. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll sort you out. Hopefully we'll see all of you sometime soon at Hobby Night!



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