Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Firestorm: Bagration Campaign Postponed

Hola folks!

As many of you know, the much anticipated release of the Firestorm: Bagration campaign supplement has been delayed by Battlefront until the end of February. So, that means we need to reschedule the launch of our own campaign as well. The new start date for this will be Friday, March 20th.

While it's a shame that we had to delay, this does mean we get to do something extra that will the campaign that much more fun. We're still running a Flames of War tournament on March 21st, and now we're going to use the results of ALL of the tournament games to count towards Bagration results! So, besides victory or defeat in the tournament, your games will also have an impact on the campaign as well. Very cool! :)

Don't forget to submit your lists for the first season of Legio Malaysia's Flames of War league! Games start in two days, so be sure you get registered for the fun!


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