Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9 Hobby Night Cancelled

Hey folks,

I've just heard via the Warp that we will be unable to open Hobby Night this Friday. Unfortunate, I know, but things do indeed come up. I'm also still in the USA as I write this, visiting our esteemed comrades at Gale Force 9 in Earlysville, Virginia. These are the guys that make those really cool smoke, fire, and other tokens you've probably seen around. If you've never heard of them, definitely check out the link in the "Killer Hobby Links" section on the right. The make REALLY cool stuff.

I'll be back in Malaysia next week, and you all can rest assured that Hobby Night will indeed happen on Jan 16th so we can kick off the Flames of War league. In the meantime, get those models painted and lists submitted if you're interested. I'll be there with my Germans! :)



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