Monday, February 22, 2010

Iron Painter a Success- Huzzah!

Well, I'm impressed!

Seldom have I ever seen such hard work and dedication as was put on display this weekend at the Iron Painter event. People buckled down and got their armies painted within the 12 hour limit, and done to good standards as well. SEVEN participants managed to get their armies done. My hat's off to all of these guys:

Stanley, who came up from Singapore just for this event, painted an excellent Chaos Space Marines force. If anyone has better picture than what I took, please forward them to me!

Subhan painted Necrons in a difficult white color scheme, and even managed to earn the "Iron Skull" by painting at least 30 models/1000 points. Awesome job dude!

Iskazri was our other Iron Skull winner, with a nice force of battle hardened Imperial Guardsmen- including a Leman Russ tank!

Arzmi put his nose to the grindstone, and along with a cunning plan using Citadel washes painted a nice looking Ork troop. Great job, dude.

Alvin also painted an Ork warband, and was definitely one of the nicer armies finished. Good job!

Shazli stayed with his tried and true Ultramarines, and managed to add yet more models to his enormous collection with a successful Iron Painter run.

Finally, Iqbal pulled out all the stops with his forest spirit themed Wood Elf army, bringing a laptop for entertainment and an airbrush for basecoating. With a great theme and solid paintjobs, Iqbal not only finished but was also voted the best. He took away the Purity Seal and is the very first winner of a Legio Malaysia Iron Painter. Outstanding! :)

Khairul, Dann, Juan, and myself all slugged it out as well, but we didn't manage to get the job done. Nonetheless, it was great to get a lot of hobby in and share the same space with our first batch of Iron Painters. Congratulations to all for a fun event.

To see the pictures I took during the event, follow the link below:

Da Legio Iron Painter album...


  1. The event was a blast! Let's do another one! Hahahaha. :D

    Thanks for the event Jeff, I'm sure all of us who were there appreciates the hard work and dedication you put on running this event!

  2. We will do another one, have no doubt of that. If there's interest I'd say we try this again in August/September...

  3. yups, kudos to Jeff for arranging another splendid event. :P

    we definitely need to do another Iron Painter this year. The environment and the atmosphere was perfect for hobbying. If it was any other Hobby Night, we'd all be tempted to play games instead; and if you're at home, well there's so much other shit to do instead of hobbying hahaha. So yes, another round of Iron Painter pls!

    Next up, Golden Kris and SPORE!

  4. hats off to all of you! looks like a great experience for all! i am truly envious, and while i can never be in the first pioneer iron painter, here's hoping for something in the fall ... congrats!

  5. Grest going guys and well done Jeff.
    When is Spore anyway?

  6. Agreed. Had fun painting my otherwise would not be painted models. So kudos to Jeff for the Iron Painter idea. Couldn't make it for the full 12hours due to personal committment but now i have 10 painted banshees and 3 banshee exarchs dying to show hell to you guys!!!

    Congrats to all the winners. Well done new Purity Seal owner Iqbal!!!

  7. Can we discuss and see how we can improvise the rules of the Iron Painter?

    As in, instead of painting a HQ, I wanna paint a Heavy Support choice. Is that permissible? I'm asking because well, I'm kinda out of HQ choices to paint. Haha.

  8. that was an experience! thanks to jeff for organizing it!

    my SCARS would never be painted without Iron painter. at least now half of the force is done. whew!

    and well done to all you guys who sat through the day....;)

  9. Oh Stanley was there, he's like my first round opponent at Spore 2009, really nice guy..kudos to all the winners, especially Iqbal! 3 huzzah for Iqbal!!

  10. Grats to all and many thanks to Jeff for running the event. If we proceed with an event this August, I'm certain I'll come even if I don't end up meeting the requirements. The painting atmosphere is too good to miss.

  11. Hi Faizal, yup I remember I lost horribly to you too. LOL.
    It's good to be back home and painted with fellow Malaysians.
    Thanks to da Forgetmaster for the great event! Let's do the full Iron Painter next time.

  12. LOL at the Forgetmaster typo. Haha.

  13. LOL, sorry for the typo man.

  14. It's ok- I certainly forget things lol

  15. hahaha,,awesome day,,thnx for organizing jeff,,ave legio,,n i also lol-ed d typo..hahaha


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