Monday, February 8, 2010

Kindred - 26 days to go !!!

Greetings all,

Just a friendly reminder that Legio's first official tournament for 2010 will be held next month, 6th March. Please remember that this event will be using Legio Hobby Tournament format so make sure your paintjob blows our minds away!

Also, 12th Feb which is this Friday..gasp.. is the dateline for you to submit your official army list. Both your partner's and your list; which equals two list for those who actually need things to be clearer. There will be no extension to this dateline. Really appreciate your cooperation on this guys.

So far we have 12 paid registered teams. They are, including t-shirt sizes :

1. Azlan XXL & Jeff XXL
2. Andy L & Juan L
3. Rizal XXL & Subhan M
4. Faizal L & Iqbal L
5. Iskazri XXL & Shazli XXL
6. Eric S & Kuok S
7. Shaz M & Emir L
8. Vinder L & Martin L
9. Alvin M & Joe M
10. Dann M & Ivan L
11. Johnny L & Christopher S
12. Edward M & Shaun M

I will be confirming these sizes to the printer this Friday so if there's any alterations please let me know. Any registrations after the 12th will not get a t-shirt.

@Faizal & Iqbal - are you guys in or out? T-shirts if you're out?

That's it guys. Happy burning those midnite oils getting your paintings done. I'm quite sure many of you are still behind schedule :)

Cheers all.

ps - Iron Painter is 2 weeks from today. Saturday 20th Feb. Good time to to get those Kindred models done.


  1. Khairul, Iqbal, I'm out bro, sorry..can i still get the Tshirts?

  2. Well t-shirts are actually for participants only but i do understand your predicament bro. I'll see what i can do :)

  3. Hey Khairul, me and my ally need to solve some problems then we can sign in.

    Can I attach my HQ with my allies HQ/Unit. If it does any of the HQ special rule benefits the squad he is attach.

    E.g My HQ Captain Shrike attach to a Ally Berzerker Squad who has Kharn the betrayer. Which everyone gain the ability to infiltrate.

  4. @redeye- i don't have the SM codex with me right now so let me get back to you on this. But basically, if Shrike's special rule states that 'any unit' he attaches to...then yes the berzerkers would gain the ability. Please read the wordings carefully and you should be able to fugure it out. I will get back to you once ASAP. Or perhaps someone could help me here. Iqbal, you play Shrike.

  5. I think the USR Infiltrate will be given to Space Marines that has combat tactics.

    There are lots of things you need to look at before you decide to do things in the game.

  6. Actually.. The Combat Tactics is only compulsory for for the Fleet Chapter Tactics. The Infiltrate ability is given to any unit joined by Shrike.

    Which means in this case, Shrike + Kharn + Berserkers:
    - infiltrate -> yes to any unit joined by Shrike
    - fleet -> Shrike and SM only

  7. OMG, I still have a bunch of models to finish painting! i foresee some sleepless nites ahead!

  8. Something to add.. as long as Shrike choose to stay in the Berserker unit, he cannot Fleet nor use his jumpack.

    Additionally, if the unit choosed to enter the game using outflank ability, Shrike nor Kharn cannot leave the Berserker unit on the same turn they enter the game. This applies to all character+unit coming in from reserves.

  9. So does it also means that My HQ can join with my Ally HQ and ride with the same transport as him??

  10. Example would be like can i at deployment get my HQ to ride in my ally Rhino ( Assuming that the Rhino is still has space) whose already have a HQ + troops inside.

  11. @redeye: You can have as many IC joining a unit as you want. In fact, you can even team up 2 ICs into a unit of just 2 models if you want, and then ride the rhino without any troops inside.

  12. I think we need a Kindred FAQ.

  13. First i think need a Q&A session then compile everything to FAQ

  14. @redeye - unless the transport specifically states that it cannot carry units - for example Daemonhunters Codex.

    I don't think that Kindred overwrites anything that isn't already written in the BGB or individual codexes.

    Can Shrike give Infiltrate to any unit he joins? Yes he can. It's written in the SM codex.

    Can they have his Fleet Chapter Tactics? Only if they have Chapter Tactics to swap in the first place.

    Can an ally HQ join an ally unit inside a tranport? Sure, why not? Unless stated specifically like in the Daemonhunters Codex.

  15. @redeye

    1. Yes, you can attach your HQ to your allies HQ.
    2. Yes, Berzerkers and Kharn gain the infiltrate special rule.
    3. Yes, Shrike and Kharn can decide to go on a ride together in a rhino. Make sure there's enough room in the transport for both egos.

    All others are as explained by Kadir and Dann. Thanks guys for the help. Really appreciate it.

    Just a word of advise redeye; this is a hobby tournament where fluff plays a vital role in determining army selection. You really, really, really need a very good reason why Shrike and Kharn would work together...
    Top of my head...I don't think there could be. But that's just me.

    Hope this helps. And remember, register before 12th in order to get a tshirt.

  16. Red! Register naow and paint yer minis fast!!! Join!!!

  17. izzit possible i email both army list to legio email then sort out payment on fri??

  18. @Khairul: Number 3 is not entirely correct coz Shrike is a jump infantry

    Though i dont play Kindred, i do agree to Khairul. Try and go for a reasonable fluffy reunion. That always brings out the best in games. Have fun.

  19. @redeye- yes u can email me both your list but make sure by this Friday. And i need to receive your fees also by this Friday...up to 2359H. Next morning I will confirm tshirt orders with printer and thats it. No 2nd printing.

    Also, Kadir is right about Shrike being a jump infantry HQ. Thanks again on that.

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  21. Guys, biggest size they have is XXL. Printer says its in 'mat salleh' size so it should be quite big. I'll try to get sample for this week hobby nite for you guys to try.

    Alternative would be to reduce the consumption of food :)


  22. And exercise. Running, swimming, walking, weights,painting while standing up in room with no fan/air-conditioning etc.

  23. Ok guys, I'll bring sample t-shirt sizes this week hobby night. Make yourself available for fittings.

  24. @faizal: no prob bro, u already gave a long heads up on this :)
    @khairul: most probably Peter would be Faizal's substitute, but I also just found out that 6th of March is a 50-50 situation for me & can only be confirmed by 1st March..

    count me in for now..

  25. Things has just gone haywire and complicated with several partnerships. Me, in particular, can't really confirm whether I can come and participate due to some last minute issues. Crossing my fingers though.


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