Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Iron Painter

The time is almost at hand for the most ambitious hobby event we've ever dared to run- IRON PAINTER!

The following Iron Painter aspirants have accepted the challenge, and will be at their tables on Saturday, February 20th at 10 AM:

1. Jeff B.
2. Juan M.
3. Khairul E.
4. Iskazri I.
5. Iqbal R.
6. Alvin K.
7. Arzmi
8. Shazli M.
9. Stanley S.
10. Subhan A.
11. Dann T.

There are still 4 spots open for the event. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, please follow the link here for full contest details. Suffice it to say, it's a 12 hour endurance painting event that will sorely test the hobby abilities of all the competitors...

I look forward to seeing all the competitors there for the big show. Those not competing are welcome to come, but please make sure you don't disturb any of the competitors. There MAY be a couple of gaming tables set up, depending on final attendance. If there are, you are welcome to play on them. Anyone not competing in Iron Painter or not a club member needs to RSVP their attendance via email to Legio Malaysia. No other RSVP method will be accepted for the Saturday hobby session.

Thanks to all who have supported Iron Painter and have shown so much enthusiasm. I look forward to meeting you on the field! ;)



  1. Gentlemen, prepare your minis!!!

    I'm so excited I seriously can't wait. To me, this is more exciting than Chinese New Year... Easily...

  2. I'm also looking forward to it. Alvin, sit next to me please. I'll need to borrow some...i mean lots of colors :) :) hehehehe

    Gonna be a blast!!!

  3. I'm ready since the day I bought my airbrush, hahaha :D

  4. Khairul, sure, just let me know what colour you need to use. I still have loads of paints in stock.

  5. Sorry Jeff, I won't be able to make it. By the time I returned from Penang, it will be late noon already. Please pass my spot for someone else that can make it.

    I'll be dropping in the evening though. Consider this as my RVSP! :)

  6. @Joe- That's a shame you can't make the competition. Hopefully it will work out for you when we do it next time.

    This time around it would be helpful if you'd please email in your RSVP for Saturday. That will help Azlan, Khairul, and myself stay on the same page for this one. That's why we specifically mentioned it in the post above. :) Thanks!

  7. hey, what about me? i thought i was all set to go?

  8. @Dann: My bad dude- completely spaced it. You're all set!

  9. jeff, i'm coming. btw i replied your email too.

  10. i'm coming to watch... and see the participants sweat :D heh

    i have yet the skill to do them colouring unless it's dipping but thats like sooooooo boring.. ne ways here's me name Macxell TH Lim

  11. Wahahah, I'm still assembling my models. Anyway will be all set by Sat.
    Alvin, will get the primer from you on Thurs k. Thanks man.
    Let's paint!

  12. Just to clarify folks, as the post says above, if you wish to RSVP your attendance for this particular event you must EMAIL Legio Malaysia. Macxell and Joe, you will NOT be on the list until you email us.

    Less than a week to go! :)


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