Thursday, February 11, 2010

RSVP in the Times of Hobby

As usual folks, please reply to this thread or email Legio Malaysia to get your name on the admission list for tomorrow's Hobby Night. Please do not use SMS, phone calls, carrier pigeons, or any other method to do this. Posting here or emailing allows all of the club officers easy access and a ready reference for the list. We appreciate your cooperation.

These are some seriously awesome hobby times for those of us who aren't into power gaming/list construction/"math hammer" and all the "rules" part of the hobby here at Legio Malaysia. With Iron Painter just around the corner, and Kindred soon after, we have two events that are all about the building and painting aspect of the hobby. Personally, this is my favorite part, and I'm excited to participate in both events. I imagine some folks tomorrow (like me) will be getting ready for either/both of these. If that's the case feel free to pull up a hobby chair and get crackin'. I know we might have some folks missing due to CNY, but the rest of you I have this question:

What are YOUR plans for tomorrow?




  1. while i personally would like to attend hobby nite, my daughter just turned 1 and scheduled to get her shots that day. so, i'll be spending time with my girl.

    i'll be back next week, all prepped for iron painter! woohoo!

    oh yes to all who's celebrating, gong xi fa cai! have a safe trip back to yoyr home towns.

  2. The Black Legion shall disembark from Eye of Terror tomorrow !! Death to the False Emperor !!

  3. Since I'm off tomorrow, maybe I'll arrive slightly early. I'm going to continue work on my second Daemon Prince.

  4. wish i could rsvp with carrier pigeons dude,,hahah,im in,,bringing my daemons n necrons along..ho yeahh,,c u guys tomolo!

  5. I be comming to pay my fee for Kindred..

  6. I will be there with my Raven Guard.

  7. I'm RSVP-ing for Cikgudin here.

  8. I'm coming with my World Eaters. Man, I'm sick of my WE already.....

    Got to finish up my Daemons fast......

  9. Hi guys. I'll be coming tonight. So is Andy.


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