Monday, May 31, 2010

Ultramarines Teaser is Up

I highly recommend a visit to the Ultramarines movie website, where you can register and check out the teaser. If you see Shazli anytime soon, be sure to tease him that he wasn't the first to post about this coolness on his blog. Shaz, report to the Chaplain for penitent duties! ;)


  1. smurfs are the "greatest of them all"????!!! boo~~~

    *is still gonna watch it anyways, lulz*

  2. @J.Na- Yes, that particular line of the narrative was a bit much IMO, but you can easily make the argument for the Ultras being the "best" overall, per the canon. Still, I'm sure there will be plenty to cry foul over this!

    And yes, you better believe I'm watching this one! :)

  3. yup, this is one must-see movie for me, even if it's about the smurf boys


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