Sunday, May 2, 2010

Total Satisfaction!

I know this happens every Friday night, as we pack up and talk shop and trade heroic stories and what-ifs, totally tired and hungry from hours of hobby and gaming, but also completely happy. But it never fails to deliver total satisfaction! The kind that sends you home happy, but rearing for more (as soon as you get some sleep and energy back).

Friday's Hobby Nite was real interesting. For the first time ever, we actually had more BFG games than 40k and Fantasy games (in the past few weeks, with Joe's WFB campaign in full swing, we saw more Fantasy games than anything else). That was a weird experience.

Doc, Alvin, Arzmi and a few others had their Fantasy armies out in force. Shazli, Joe, plus long-missing friends, the Tau xenos Keh Win and Redeye of the Astartes, were duking it out over the grim battlescapes of 40k. Nick, Kong, Soo Jin, Nahri, Zaki, Syamael, Iqbal, Jade, Deathkorps and myself had BFG fleets.

Last Hobby Nite was definitely almost totally weighted on the gaming side. And with the roars of the victorious and the vanquished and the clatter of dice, the energy level was all high. I was sucked into a nail-biting desperate fight to save Amman Prime from the depredations of Nurgle, and both Jeff and I were completely - absolutely completely - absorbed into the battle (more of that in both The Aquila and my blog).

There was some action at the Hobby Table. I finished up almost all my fighters and bombers (except for the 3 stands I forgot about), and did some more work on my Emperor battleship. Airbrush-equipped Iqbal was totally busy with painting his Eldar fleet, and I also got to admire some new ships from Soo Jin (Forgeworld Grey Knight Strike Cruisers), Syamael (SW battlebarge complete with brass-etched brass-etched SW icons), Nahri (cool-looking Imperial ships painted to match his Fallen space marines), Zaki (really excellent-looking Tyranid fleet), Jade (FW Tau - those are niice!) and Kong (finally, another Chaos fleet!).

Anyways, I was absolutely and totally happy. Tired too. Really looking forward to the next Hobby Nite! Not to mention the next issue of The Aquila. Ave Legio!


  1. I can see that BFG is slowly dominating the tables in Legio..

  2. Pics, pics and more pics please :)

  3. I'll email Jeff/Azlan my pics on Monday, currently doing my oncall duty..

  4. That was an excellent hobby night! The game between Azlan and myself lasted 3 1/2 hours and the outcome was in doubt the entire time...

    All Glory to the Outer Gods! May Nurgle's Rot fester and bubble across the Glenmarie sub!

  5. Yup hobby night is getting more intense with all the fleet flying about.


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