Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Bash Coming Up!

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, July 3rd is Legio Malaysia's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash! Yup, Legio Malaysia is now two years old, and this growing bundle of joy invites you to an amazing day of wargames hobby madness! There's going to be a painting competition AND a Legio Tournament.

Golden Kris 2010 Painting Competition
Legio Malaysia's premier painting competition is back for its second year! Here's your chance to test your hobby and painting skills against the very best hobbyists in this part of His Divine Emperor's galaxy. Categories include:

Single Model: Single 25-32mm scale figure or one stand of 10-15mm scale miniatures.

Large Model: Single 25-32mm scale monstrous figure or vehicle.

Unit: Legal unit of 25-32mm scale models numbering 5-20 figures.

BFG Model: Single capital ship from GW's "Battlefleet Gothic" range.

Warhammer 40,000 Tournament of Skulls
Test your might and hobby skills against the region's best in this 1,500 point Warhammer 40,000 Legio Tournament! Victories, painting and sportsmanship will all combine to determine the Champion of what promises to be a blood-soaked event!

Will YOU answer the call of Khorne?


  1. can I answer with the blessings of Nurgle instead?..hahaha..

  2. I will be there for the GK AND the Tournament of Skulls!

    Now, what army to use...?

  3. i shall be there to collect the skulls

  4. I have a question, is a Warhammer Fantasy model mounted on a 20mm base a 25mm scale model?

  5. dnt know if i will b able to make it :( already have something on

  6. OH NO! Gotta send the wife to the airport that day!

  7. @ivan: drop your models then go to the airport, then return to Legio after your wife flown least you get to compete for Golden Kris..

  8. The Immortal Emperor says that the Sons of the Emperor should go and decimate the sons of Khorne and Nurgle....however I am supposed to be in Russia around that time....sigh

  9. Awesome! Will bring Fantasy models instead just to add in some flavour. Haha.

  10. Not looking to good for me :(

    I have to conduct training for asia pacific affiliates around end of June. Can only confirmed training date by end May.

    Here's hoping i can make it. Must give Mr. Ivan aka The People's Choice some degree of competition.

  11. 3rd of July Golden Kris... I'm interested. Enough time for me to get an air ticket fly from Sabah to KL.


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