Monday, May 10, 2010

Arenxis Burns Turn 3 Recap

Turn 3 is done and dusted, with a unexpectedly quiet Glenmarie sub. Two raids took place, and the people of the Ghemehaal system are fed up! ;)

For all the action and campaign updates, check out The Aquila below:

The Aquila, Issue 3


  1. Another excellent instalment of the Aquila! I like how you PS'd my ships and the planet New Iqbal

  2. Had to be done, dude. I want to get all of the active participants at least one shot in the Aquila! :)

  3. No need to hope dude, the campaign will continue as scheduled for one more turn :)

  4. Looks like that planet's name gonna stay, hahaha..
    Dresden's fleet will at least make one cameo appearance this week!


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