Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Hail the Latest Bearer of the Purity Seal!

Congratulations to Joe for bagging the Purity Seal in recognition for a job well done with his Fortenhaf WFB campaign! I personally think it's well-deserved. Totally look forward to more of this kind of excellent wargames dedication and all kinds of goodness!

Hobby Nite was also really interesting as we saw some really good diversity happening at the Legio. For instance, Jeff and Iqbal hobbying away with FoW and BFG models (and later Arzmi happily airbrushing his daemons); while Jeff, Nick, Syamael, Faizal and myself were fighting desperate battles in the deep space of BFG; even as Doc and Arzmi were locked in honorable WFB battle in the Old World; and Alvin, Din, Joe and Subhan were duking out in the grim battlefields of 40k; while Soo Jin, Kong and Jade's dogfighting was setting the sky ablaze in their AI games. There was even one moment that only had 4 tables with games on them - all of them from different games systems. I love it!

Doc bid us farewell for a few months as he takes ship yet again. We wish him bon voyage and a safe, speedy and happy return to Legio shores. I suspect he will return with an entirely brand new army all painted up and ready to roll, as he always does after everyone of his tours of duty. Any bets what that army's going to be?

I really stretched it for myself - started cleaning my brand new FoW Cromwells, had two large BFG campaign battles, and even a pick-up game of 40k with my Eldar. Man, that was awesome! It was a real dice-fest of a Hobby Nite, and the last dice rolled in anger was actually pretty late (I believe it was a Tau escort trying to get away from a squadron of Iron Wolves Gladius frigates) and certainly much later than usual.

Anyways, it's par for the course that Hobby Nites end with extremely tired bodies and minds, but extremely happy souls, and this Hobby Nite was no exception. In fact, it somehow felt even better than the last one. Then again, I feel like that every week :) ... I love it! See you guys next week!


  1. i'm so totally humbled and honored for the purity seal. never thought I could get one without fighting off Peter's or Iz's army. hehe. thank you LEGIO!

  2. @joe: congrats. legio is a hobby driven community. one does not have to kill another just to prove oneself better. there are plenty of opportunity to excel in this hobby of ours. again, well done.

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  4. @Joe- Well done bro. Hope this will encourage you to hold more campaigns.
    @Azlan- New army? I am so disappointed that my BFG didn't arrive before I left. Anyway, hope the heat doesn't die off when I get back. I need to do a lot of see.

    So far I have no idea of starting a new army. But I really wanna start learning FOW when I get back. I thought I painted and based my Punjabi regiment so nicely but when I put it up in Legio(next to Azlan's and Jeff's armies) mine looked like feaces. Need to flock them as soon as I am back.

  5. doc, fret not, for the next BFG campaign will be run after the market garden campaign. That campaign should be even huger than the one that just ended. More people would have fleets ready, and more people would have had actual battle experience. Hopefully the timing works out for you. I'm looking forward to see your Punjabis when you get back. I'll be starting a German early war army, so we can probably have a go at it.

  6. @Joe- Sincere congrats dude- you deserved it. More people need to start organizing and running events and activities, rather than waiting around and hoping someone else does it. You rock, dude.

    @Doc- Like Azlan said, we'll definitely revisit BFG in the near future- early August I would guess. As for FoW, I think the next several weeks are going to be all about that (at least for me and Azlan). Market Garden is going to be a blast

  7. It was a awesome hobby night, just getting to the nave going againts the eldar fleet was awesome. Lucky for me i manage to get a game with the superb tau commander pax. I also just found out that boarding action is superb. Cant wait for next hobby night.

    @ JOE- congrat bro on a campaign well manage.

  8. Hey Joe, congrats on the purity seal!!!!!

    U deserved it man :)Sorry i missed your campaign. Timing wasn't good for me.

    Well done again!!!

  9. Thanks guys. But all credits got to go to the few participants that kept the campaign going even though some players couldn't participate half way.

    And to the veterens (Doc, Iz, Pete): Thank you for keeping the show running and help guide the newbies. We couldn't have done it without you guys! ;-)

  10. Congrats Joe! You did great. Now we have more Malaysian participants in the coming WFB tourney. Hurray!!

  11. Congrats Joe. Job well done. Sorry I had to bail out on the last few games.

  12. Congratulations! We know it was a real sacrifice on your part not to play. Appreciate it dude.


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