Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hail the Victors!

True to legend, the combined might of the Bretonnians and Wood Elves met and routed the evil forces of the Dark Elves and Ogres in the epic finale of the Battle of Fortenhaf. It sounds great, and what little I managed to see of the final battle looked epic indeed, but it would be great if someone could fill in the details here :)

I was actually late to Hobby Nite, and by the time I got to the Legio, Peter, Iqbal, Alvin and Doc were knee-deep into the fantasy campaign finale battle. Jeff had already played an Arenxis Burns campaign game against the Grey Knights (a narrow victory, I heard) and was busy at the Hobby Table. Soo Jin and Kong were battling it out Eldar vs Eldar with beautifully-painted Aeronautica Imperialis aircraft. The models are absolutely gorgeous, and I might just start an Imperial Navy force. Lexxis, Subhan and Shazli were in 40k heat. And Arzmi was calmly painting his Orks - and I saw lots of bikes too.

I saw Iqbal's nice kit-bashed orbital defence stations. Nice! Syamael whipped out his freshly painted Iron Wolves BFG fleet, featuring brass-etched SW icons and all, and we promptly went about fighting a campaign Raid - that was truly awesome (even if it didn't allow me to use my brand-new Emperor battleship which I stayed up really late to finish painting the night before)! Paxter returned from the Warp with his fleet of Forgeworld Tau BFG ships (a thousand percent better than the GW ones - cheaper too), and he had his first introductory Cruiser Clash. The young upstart race learns fast, and by the 3rd turn he was starting to punish my Imperial Navy force. Can't wait to see that fleet completed.

Hobby Nite wrapped up really late for me. As is par for the course, I was truly tired. But happy! And totally looking forward to the next Hobby Nite!


  1. The final battle of Fortenhaf was one of the memorable battles I have played. First time I have played Fantasy doubles, in fact. Though my Ogre brutes were beaten, we all had a great time. Of course Peter and me had some disagreements along the way, but the rulebook put us on the right path eventually.
    The champion on the battle field, I would say, was the Slavegiant. That guy was funny. He held a unit of Bretonnians Knights for about 3 rounds till they fled, only to be swarmed by Iqbal's Dryards, which killed him. Even in death he took three Dryards with him, when he fell that was hillarious. Except maybe for Iqbal, as he was not pleased at all.

  2. @Doc- That was definitely a cool looking battle!

    Great night, and a fun game against Soo Jinn. I managed a very narrow victory in the "Raiders" scenario. Good times had by all!

  3. Iqbal's TreeSinging was awesome as the crafty moving of forests slowed chargers & blocked LOS (those darn Bolt Thowers). Without a doubt he saved my forces from being charged/shot at several times! The Wood Elves have earned the Paladin's everlasting gratitude!

    @Iqbal - awesome strategy bro....i'll hv to remeber all those tricks when i go darkside though.....

  4. well that friday was a blast, i love BFG.. good game play. Learned alot from that match with Lan. MOre.. need more..

  5. ty lan for giving me an intro game... LOVE BFG kinda reminded me of man'o'war which was my first introduction to GW products. Back when GC was games castle, and it was inside atria top floor :D

  6. @peter: guys did say that my army are walking terrains, I just made it come true..hahaha :p

    @doc: you just reminded how I hate giants..

    and if I recalled correctly, Arzmi had 15 nob bikers on the table..and I know for a fact that he still have some unassembled nob bikers & whole lotta sluggas left at home..


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