Thursday, January 6, 2011

At Last, We're Back! RSVP Here

After a two week absence for the holidays, Legio is back in action tomorrow night. Lots of buzz is about for the upcoming Kindred II tournament, and I'm sure people are just looking forward to chucking some dice, assembling models, or a host of other fell hobby deeds. I will be there hobbying- currently deciding between Beastmen or my SS Panzerkompanie. How about you guys?


  1. I'll be coming along with two others.

  2. I shall be there. HAven't figured out what yet, but there I shall be :)

    Chang, who are the 2 others?

  3. I shall be there to investigate rumours of a possible Fallen gathering..

    @Azlan: perhaps a game between my Deathwing and your Ravenwing?

  4. One is Richard Chua. You remember the owner of Outpost Cafe in Cineleisure.

    The other is guys named Kuan Lim who is the Editor for the local Game Magazine. GameAxis. They've agreed to be my media partner for MaGaCon and I'm trying to expand their horizon to show them the other side of gamings which doesn't include video games.

  5. Hi, James here with Archangel Army.
    will be with Richard Chua group or myself.
    Hoping to game for 1750pt


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