Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RSVP and some news...

OK folks, in addition to posting the usual Thursday RSVP thread, we've got some upcoming events we want to tell you all about. First, after a long hiatus, we're bringing back "The League"...

Friday, May 27th, will be the first day of Legio Malaysia's 40K League, Season 4. Rules will be posted soon, but for your planning it's a 4 week league with 1500 point fixed lists. If you've never played in a Legio 40K league before, check out the "Legio Downloads" section on the right and have a look at Season 3's rules. They will be similar. We'll also be handing out awards that night to the following Season 3 winners (assuming they are available to attend)

League Champion: Iskazri I.

Marksman's Honor: Khairul E.

Best Sportsman: Azlan R.

Best Appearance: Khairul E.

Now, it's been a LONG time since we wrapped up Seaason 3. Over a year, in fact. So, for Season 4, we thought it would be cool to finish up the league and awards ceremony a little quicker. SO, let's jump right in and chat about when we're going to do that, the Legio Birthday Bash!

The Legio Malaysia 2011 Birthday Bash will be held on Saturday, June 25th at Battlefront Miniatures. Full details/flyer are coming, but here's a teaser for what we have planned for the day:

Golden Kris 2011- Dann and Oliver have won the last two iterations of this. Are YOU next?

Season 4 40K League Championships- That's right, we're going to run the championship games during the birthday, and the winners will receive their awards along with the rest of the Birthday Bash event winners

The other event(s) going on for the Birthday Bash will be posted this weekend, so keep your eyes open for updates. In the meantime, RSVP here and let's get some hobby tomorrow!


  1. Lord Inquisitor etc etc arzmi will be deepstriking this friday night wooo hooo !!

    awesome news on the league and birthday bash though unfortunately for me i'll miss the first 2 weeks of the league since i'll be in sarawak. hope to see some new faces and a lot of old ones for the league wooot !!

  2. I'm so so envious of Khairul now!!

  3. you too, can come enjoy June 25th!

  4. @faizal: two words, return home ;)

    Golden Kris on June 25th, marked that on the calendar. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Sorry guys I have no idea why this post is here but it's an old post that has somehow come back to life!

  6. ya lor, june 25th 2012 is a monday..haha :D


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