Monday, January 10, 2011

Kindred II : Team Hobby Champion. What are we looking for?

Team Hobby Champion is the ultimate award that we will be presenting during K2. This is the award that will earn the deserving team the highly coveted Legio Purity Seal.

So what makes a Team Hobby Champion?

Firstly, you must remember that Kindred is a Hobby tournament foremost. We want the teams to prepare the best looking, best painted, best designed and best themed army together. Winning battles and picking up victory points takes a second seat in our tournament(though we do have Best General Award for those who spilled the most blood).

For K2 we have made some changes to the original Kindred Judging Form to include more elements especially to include the eagerly anticipated Expendables. If you and your partner are aiming to claim this award then please study our judging form in the link below to find out what we will be looking for. Judging will be done together by Arzmi and me.

We hope that this will assist all of you in preparing your 750 points force and hopefully inspire you to bring the best that you can for K2.

Good luck everyone.


  1. I really gotta pull my socks up.

  2. hmm..back to the drawing board..

  3. Dudes, you guys are really pushing the standards up on this! nice!


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