Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holy Cow! It's Good to Roll Dice Again!

While Friday was already the 3rd Hobby Nite of 2011, it was the first that I actually managed to get some games in - and it was awesome!

The hobby table was chuggin' - Jeff working on some kustom bases, Chang and his many Leman Russ, Iqbal and his continuing Chaos Warrior saga. I brought some models to do some test painting for a new color scheme I'm thinking about, but got ... um ... distracted.

I personally managed to get 2 games in with my Thousand Sons - an excellent nail-biter vs Kadir's space puppies, and a totally one-sided affair vs Joe's Ork horde (talk about getting swamped). There was also the return of Inquisitor Arzmi, meting out the Emperor's Justice to Subhan's Chaos marine folks - and the Vindicare assassin was really stylin' (took out a Defiler and some other notable characters).

The Warmachine Malaysia group came out in force, with about 9 guys duking it out in some cool-looking singles and doubles action. Looking at the real nice-looking models in action on the tables and terrain, I must admit I may finally be tempted into the Warmachine hobby. Just perhaps (and of course, that would add to my already long list of WIP armies, but hey, nothing new there ... lol). There was also Fantasy action going on with Kadir's first ever game - his DE vs Iqbal's Chaos Warriors.

I'm so glad we have lots of tables - 9 tables were in use at the same time. Hmmm, maybe I should go on a new terrain binge ... ok, maybe after K2. In the meantime, keep hobbying and keep them dice rollin'! See you guys next week.


  1. Nice writeup dude- I'm really happy with those bases, and looking forward to getting them cast up! :)

  2. I'm so jealous of you guys.
    But it's good to hear that the gaming scene at Legio is picking up. Can't wait to get back and roll some dice with the new army if I can transport it back with me...

  3. Yeah, i share your sentiments ivan. Crap that i missed it. Good that it was a full house and everyone had fun though!!

    Please have hobby night next week. I'm arriving 6.30 local time. Will attend if open :)

  4. hmm..nice red scarab dice ;)

  5. @khairul - looking forward to see you dude

  6. It was a fun hobby night with Ahriman doing suicide and my DE having a fair fight with the Nothern Tribes.

    Really looking forward to the next hobby night :)

  7. The honourable Northern Tribes doesn't think it was a fair fight though. The Druuchi may have a remarkably good general, but they still lacked experience of recent wars. Only time will see how they develop.

  8. Intresting that we are having a lots of Warmachine folks in Legio nowadays.
    You guys thinking what I am thinking?
    Isn't it time get our old Warmachine and Horde stuff out of the closet and start fooling around with them.
    I will be bringing my Skorne army soon after Kindred II is done.....just for fun.

  9. Theres a strong following here as well. But I don't understand the game system. Would be good to start learning it soon. So much easier to transport and the minis are nice too. What's a good and fun army to collect?

  10. No idea, but I've always liked the models ... especially the infantry and characters. some nice stuff

  11. Yup.. the force is definitely strong for warmachine. But I'm so tied up with 2 40k projects already. Not to mention the wonderfull 8th Ed WFB. So not for now I guess.

    @Vuel : It may not be fair, but a fun one for sure. I have since then begin rereading the BRB. The missions looks fun. We'll play them the next time we meet :)

  12. Sorry about that Lan! We'll rematch again and hope will have an even fight then!

    I've started Warmachines too! Is one hack of an interesting system I must say. I started Cryx.
    Can't wait for my minis to arrive.... :D

  13. Well if you guys are interested, I know a few people who are willing to organise/attend a WM demo night at Legio. Perhaps after kindred would be a good call.

    Some guys at Hobby Forge have already started and the interest is definitely generating! Simplest army, yet fun and good are typically Khador, Cygnar and Menoth. If you are too stucked up with SM doctrines, perhaps Cygnar is for you. Just ask Dodge (Salleh). XD


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