Monday, January 31, 2011

Get your exclusive Kindred II : Heroes t-shirt

Just a reminder that if you register before or on the 16th of February, you will be entitled to this super nice awesome mouth watering chuck norris approved tournament t-shirt.

Perhaps some of you are still unsure of your army list for worries, just register by giving Arzmi your tournament fees (that's RM60 for your partner and you). Give him your shirt sizes and you're good to go. Army list can be submitted by end of March.

We really need to confirm number of shirts to be printed and also sizes plus get funds to process the printing of the t-shirts as soon as possible. Remember that if you register after the 16th of Feb, you WILL NOT GET a t-shirt but still have to pay the full registrations fees.

So what are you waiting for!!! Call Arzmi now!!!!


  1. Yesss! we shall have that shirt!

  2. For the Khan and Emperor!

    One question....can I have 2 t-shirts? I can pay extra......coz the t-shirts look soooo cooooolll!!!

  3. oh yeahh,,me too,,ill make sure to register before 16th of feb!


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