Saturday, October 24, 2009

... And Much Mayhem Was Had!

As an ominous darkness descends on Arenxis Minoris, eight furious campaign battles were fought. Faizal's IG beat back hordes of Doc's Dark Eldar, and further demolished Iqbal's Alpha Legionnairres. Arzmi's Daemonhunters crushed Jeff's Unclean. But there were severe reversals on the Imperium side. My Ravenwing had to ... um ... conduct several ... um ... tactical withdrawals in the face of overwhelming odds which included hordes of Iz' Orks, legions of Joe's Khorne Berzerkers and a sea of Paxter's Red Corsairs. Rizal's Ultramarines could not hold back Iz' Orks and Iqbal's Alpha Legion. Distinctively, Dann's and Khairul's Eldar were curiously missing from the action.

And so marks the final night of the campaign. As is custom, I shall leave the details to the good offices of the INN - though I heard that the offices of the The Aquila was burned and pillaged.

There was also some non-campaign action going on. Importantly, Kai turned up with lots of KFC chicken breasts!!! Din's BA returned from a long hiatus and went up red-on-red against Joe's WE. Syamael's Space Wolves made a show, and I can't recall if Ceiran brought his army out (but he did roll a'5' when my Ravenwing needed a '2').

I also managed to basecoat the 3 new bastions, and Jeff got started on materials for the Inquisition tournament. Next week will see lots of furious terrain-making!

And my special thanks to Jeff and the guys for the Purity Seal - this kind of surprise I like! And to top off everything, we all adjourned to Old Town after that to partake in much-needed post-battle food and refreshments! I lurv Hobby Nite!


  1. Yes indeed, glory to Chaos and the unstoppable tide of Orks! Bwahahaha!!!

    Great fun Friday night!

  2. we have "liberated" Arenxis Minoris....hur, hur, hur

    soon, we'll chase dem oomans off dis turd sodden dirtball.

  3. notice the silence from Lord Faizal's side? lol ... of course, we don't really need to hear from the two-faced xenos ... lol

  4. Dark Eldar suffered a setback, no doubt, but they will be back this Friday with a vengence.
    Archon Blackfinger was tortured, humiliated and sent to Urien Rakath for his final days(which depends on how long he can tolerated the Master Hemonculi's torture) by Drachon Stoneheart of the Kabal of the Disembowlers.
    Come Friday, the Kabal will be lead by none other that Archon Stoneheart (previously Drachon).So better put on some nappies under you panties boys, coz Hell's coming your way.

  5. it was a lost cause so we bailed :D

    seriously tho, wished i could have been there (to change the tide of battle).

    But, alas, I had work to do (damn mon'keigh, turn around for one moment and everything turns to Chaos. All we asked was to hold the tide for one day, and what happens? :P).

    I guess it's all down to the Apoc game, huh? (It's all up to the Eldar, isn't it?)

  6. xenos scum! do you not realize that the campaign is lost? we are playing the Apoc game just because ... just because ...

  7. Silence from the xenos.....well, what can i say. The week started in full anticipation for the final battle but last minute instruction from the boss screwed things up. Worse that performance appraisal hasnt been done yet so there was no escaping. And whats the odds the 2/12 players who couldnt make it last minute had to be from the 'orders' side. And what odds both were playing xenos eldar?????? Astronomical me say!!! Dann, lets just suck up the taunts brother for we truly deserved it lol. It did make for good fluff though.

    But lets not take away :
    1. Azlan, for making this a most memorable campaign. It was my first and i thorougly enjoyed it. Didnt want it to end hence the we planned it from the begining plus 2 artifacts teaser hehehe. Well done bro, you truly deserved the purity seal.

    2. Jeff and his forces of evil associates. Well done guys and a truly deserving victory. Who can stop those orks????

    3. Everyone who participated. The bantering both on and offline was super!!! Excellent storyline evolving everyweek. And lets not forget the countless transmissions. You have not heard the last of Farseer Khairul.

    4. Hey, the drinks after at kopitiam was nice. Again this week?? Mamak dah boring la.

    Cheers all.

  8. Campaign well made i would say. Even though i did not play, i was like to say congrats to lan for the purity seal he gain for conducting the such a superb campaign. Well deserved.

  9. lol..i have nothin to say, the Cadian 7th fought bravely in the last day but that will not suffice..we still lost the campaign. The xenos disappearance was one thing, but the Astartes losing their territories was completely another..

    Still, our duty is to evacuate the people of Arenxis from further annihiliation, the Cadian 7th will see it done! For the Emperor!!

  10. thanks. Looking forward to the next one ... but first, we need to get all these citizens of the Imperium off-world ...

    @khairul. Yes, kopitiam again. or we can try the interesting-looking place across the street from the kopitiam

  11. Yeah I wouldn't mind trying the satay if they have it on offer that late...

    So, has anyone besides Azlan started thinking about what we might do next for 40K? :)

  12. What about a more "intimate" campaign involving specific armies? Using 500 points as a basis, we can increase or lower the points based on scenarios.

    For example, a Inquisitor led investigation into a planet suspected of heresy. During some parts of the campaign there might be 750 point sabotage missions, assassination missions, run from a 2000 point army mission etc. The various Inquisition teams will all converge on a single final mission where they have discovered the source of the corruption and band together to finish the enemy off.

    The entire campaign would thus be story driven and less on mass battles all around. Failing or succeeding in missions would give veteran skills or impact future missions. It would be very heavy on management though, so if we want to try something like it we'd need more GM volunteers.

  13. @Firaya- Sounds like a great idea. Why don't you try writing something up? Keep it fairly simple, so you're assuring of running a successful campaign. Use the lessons learned for your next one, and make it more ambitious if you wish.

    I like the idea of oddball missions/assasinations/combat patrol stuff. Linking escalating missions to new army hobby targets is a great way to fuel enthusiasm and encourage people to try new armies...

  14. @firaya ... have you tried Necromunda? Excellent for skirmish-level campaigns. I've wanted to try out Necromunda but with 5th ed mechanics (Necromunda is based on 40k 2nd ed mechanics), for awhile now.

  15. necromunda are niceee!!

    but i'm hyped up with WFB!! next year will be Vampire Counts for me..

  16. I'm game for Necromunda.
    Always was a fan of it, but never had the chance to play it.

  17. Necromunda was my main source of inspiration actually. Ian showed us how to play back in CM and we were hooked for several months. I only stopped because I was beginning to confuse Necromunda's rules with the main 40k rules.

    I'll see what I can do about the skirmish level campaigns. To start with, a three week campaign might be doable, and still provide enough time to test ideas and reach a conclusive end.

  18. WFB? come Faizal....raise your undead knights wanna smash yr skeletons 2 dust....

  19. Faizal already received a sample VC list from me. So Peter, be prepared to be dragged to the graveyards by the Undead! :D

  20. blood, bloooood!!

    the undead will rise soon..


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