Wednesday, October 28, 2009

League Stats Update

I've just updated the stats, and as far as I know there is only one game outstanding. This game was between Ahmad Z. and Peter C. Peter, you are a naughty boy! You have not turned in results for this game. If I don't get them by tomorrow you may be sanctioned under league guidelines. Turn that result in NOW! :)

If there's a game you've been waiting for me to post and you don't see the results here, drop me a line and we'll get it sorted.



  1. I need to try to get that average up ...

  2. Yay! Completed my 6 games liao. :D

  3. Guys, from the 19 so far who's in d league we have :

    7 CSM
    4 SM
    2 Eldars
    2 Greyknights
    1 Orks
    1 Dark eldar
    1 IG
    1 Tryanids

    We're just missing necrons and tau rite?? Am so so tempted to start tau.....

  4. I'll bet if you did Tau they would look really sweet. Your clean painting style would be a great match for Tau. You got my vote!

    As far as Necrons go, I'm seriously considering a Hobby Rush on those in the not too distant future lol... I'm buying the Codex from Ivan this Friday!

  5. I'm intrigued with Tau too ... I would actually make it Fire Warrior-heavy, with lots of Devilfish and max out on Hammerheads, and try to squeeze in Barracuda support. hmmmm ... sounds a bit like a Tau version of my IG mech infantry

  6. Hey guys.....dont tempt me pl...

    if only....if only they have jetbikes heheheh

  7. They have Piranha's.
    Still skimmers and they come in packs :p
    Just can't field as many of them.

  8. @khairul: for the greater good, go Tau :p
    but are you sure you wanna play an army without fortune & doom, hehehe...

  9. But Tau does not have Fortune and can't doom

  10. Markerlights FTW! :D
    Both armies still have a few punches to throw, but if you're counting on them to be competitive, better look elsewhere.

    On the other hand, for the sake of painting and hobbying, they're nice minis!

  11. i don't know why they'd be non-competitive. Why not? a whole load of rapid-firing S5 weapons must do some good, no? Not to mention a few S10, meltas, jetbikes and jetpacks

  12. People say Tau are non-competitive, but I haven't seen too many good players having a go at it. It's almost like folks are just repeating a mantra, believing it since others have said it. Have a go, dude! It's all about the toy soldiers anyway! :)

  13. If its gonna be tau, its gonna be another hush hush top secret project and will only be revealed when its all done.

    You very very very nice legio guys...if i paint them saim-hann color scheme, would you allow me fortune, doom and guide?? Ok la...just guide. LOL hehehe

  14. Base S5 weapons are a blessing, and S10 AP1 weapons are king...
    But there are some aspects the Tau really need help on. The first is their BS. For an army based on spamming firepower, they've got terrible aim - so a few markerlights would help.

    Their Ld is another factor that really sucks. On average, they have Ld 7 to 8 - which is horrible for an army meant to sit and fire. The only way to improve this is to take an Ethereal or Shadowsun.

    I'd recommend packing lots of Crisis Suits instead of Piranhas and Firewarriors. They last longer and do more damage.

  15. I was tempted to start a Tau army but then changed to Orks when the BFBP boxed set was released. Many of them wanted the SM and not the Orks. Therefore I got my hands on alot of Orks.
    Tau would have been a great army to paint.
    My army would have concentrated on Kroots.
    Even the Pirana drivers would have been kroots.
    It would have given Tau an alternative look.

  16. Tau.. has scary firepower. But the models.. they are ugly if you ask me.

    Necrons, actually there's a lot of Necron players already (me included). But like me, i'll let them sleep in the stasis toomb, waiting for the new Codex.

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  18. I will be bringing my WHF Dwarf army this Friday. If anyone is intrested we can have WHF game on the sidelines of 40K mayhem. What say you?
    I am having a sort of a brain-drain due to excessive 40K games, need some Fantasy to cure.

  19. Yea, my Necrons are currently slumbering in their tomb up north. :)

    They shall arise again to harvest souls once the new codex is out!

  20. If someone can pinjam me his WHF army that night (mine all in Pg), then I can have a go against Doc (my old Ogre Kingdom disciple). ^_^

  21. I cannot come.. else i would gladly be your opponent Doc.

  22. Ack! My sincere apologies, Jeff. I was supposed to hand over the signed sheet last Hobby nite but cld not make it. I'll bring it in today. @Zaki sorry abt that...should hv told bad.

  23. @Executor- Don't worry about it- the game has been invalidated. You can play Zaki at another date if you wish.


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