Saturday, October 3, 2009

Arenxis Burning!

What a helluva Hobby Nite! Despite having to waste the first precious hour on work (as in day-job), the kick-off of the Arenxis Minoris campaign and Season 3 of the 40k league was a total blast!

Jeff's Unclean was unveiled for the first time in all its stinky glory. Minthras' minions of multitudinous Nurglites faced off against Sammael's Ravenwing, who were intent on saving the souls of the Fallen. The double-header (both campaign and league game) was bitterly fought - both armies being elite, T5, fearless and had multiple Troops choices. In the end, the battle ended in a draw for the league, but turned out to be a moral victory for The Unclean. Jeff's dice-off won him the spaceport on Thessalonicus held by the Ravenwing.

Elsewhere, furious battles were being fought on Arenxis Minoris. And in each and every one, the forces of Chaos and their allies beat back the beleaguered Imperial forces. On Haides, Iz' scary Orks brushed aside Saim Hann resistance and captured Khairul's spaceport. But perhaps the most amazing feat was Iqbal's. In true Alpha Legion style, his Chaos Space Marine force infiltrated deep into enemy territory and captured the spaceport held by the Grey Knights, before repelling an Ultramarines counterattack, pushing back Rizal's 5th Company and capturing a ruins tile in the process. I can tell things are getting serious, as the Imperium players are starting to realize they need to work double hard to recover all the lost spaceports - and all gone in the very first week of the campaign! Tune into the next copy of the Aquila for more news, direct from the frontlines.

As is tradition, we recognized and presented the awards to Season 2's winners - Iz (league champion, purity seal), Arzmi (sportsmanship), Shazli (fanatic & marksman's honor) and myself (appearance) before resuming the frantic dice-rolling. Many pure league games (as opposed to league/campaign games) were fought, including Ivan's first-ever 40k game. Peter, Alvin, Subhan, Doc, Faizal, Redeye and all the folks were merrily and busily blasting, hacking and chucking dice and in general having a whale of a time. I even saw Alvin laying out Space Hulk tiles for some battles in the cold of space. And very special mention to Kai, who brought lots of chicken breasts, ate, shared, then got down to some serious hobbying at the hobby table. I even managed to assemble a bastion, in between hurling insults and abuse at Minthras' horde.

And on the very first Hobby Nite that people can register for the November 14th 40k tourney, 9 people registered. So if you want to be a contender at the Inquisition Wars on November 14th, DO NOT WAIT. There are only 17 slots left, and I know at least 8 of our friends in Singapore say they want to come.

I lurv Hobby Nite! And totally looking forward to next week! The Imperium will strike back (insert March of the Emperor here)!


  1. dat was a gud nite, despite da league 'an campaign goin' ons. every one had games or hobbying to do.

    Lookin' for more of da same next week!

  2. And Dont forget the Drinks.. Waging wars over the galaxy do can make any warlord thirsy..

  3. I had a blast getting blasted in my first game :)
    IG is brutal, Faizal is brutal. Thanks for the initiation. Here's to Legio. Whos next for The Common Cold?

  4. i love hobby nite!! next friday im all out for the Arenxis campaign..

  5. Ivan: U have a killer army list,just need time to get use to it.

  6. Faizal: Thanks. Hope to have a rematch one day :)
    IG tanks are killer.

  7. I had a fantastic time- what a great start to the campaign. The latest issue of the Aquila is up- we need more battles for more content! :D

  8. Yup super hobby nite!!! Got totally trashed by the champion, Iz himself. That is one scary army..

    This was MY first campaign game and super duper kudos to Azlan for starting it. It was awesome man!!! Although we lost some ground its still not over yet. They haven't meet Lord Commisar Faizal across the battlefield and I'm sure he's got some nifty plan to rally us. How come the commisar didn't lead from the front???

    Cheers guys. Had a BLAST!!!!!!

  9. nice news in the aquila jeff. true, we need more battles for more news. how come there's no news of the alpha legion fight with the sons of gulliman?

  10. Yeah I was going to write about the Alpha Legion/Ultras battle, but I didn't have enough material to complete a whole other page. Hopefully we'll get most of the guys to play a campaign game next week!

  11. Great effort on the Aquila news jeff. Awesome!

    Khairul E: True, it is not over yet. I came late last week, so no campaign games for me. Will be early next friday, and yes I will lead the charge!

  12. awesome nite! i got 3 games dudeee..wuhuuu..i lurvv hobby nite!:D

  13. "not enough material to complete another page" ... said like a true newsman! that's right guys, the media is hungry for news, and it's up to us to makes some! great job on the aquila jeff! the censored bits ... hmmm ... which imperium forces were defeated by the Alpha Legion .. lol ... and the amnesty and plague announcments add that much flavor

  14. ...and if the mutants of Arenxis Prime (nearby world not involved in the war) believe that ad, I have some beach front property in Shah Alam to sell them lol...

    Play those games folks!

  15. +++++ Transmission from: Undisclosed, Macragge +++++

    +++++ Reception from: Captain, 5th Company Ultramarines, Battle Barge Divine Release +++++

    +++++ Masking enabled ++++

    +++++ Encryption level Alpha Epsilon Sigma +++++

    +++++ Connection completed+++++

    “Was the package delivered?”

    “Yes milord, the contact in the Alpha Legion had given us the data package as you had informed us they would”

    “Sent the package over via the secured link”

    “Your will milord, we are transmitting now.”

    “We confirm receipt at our end. Good work Captain”

    “The 5th shall never fail its mission milord. However….”

    “You have doubts with your tasks Captain? Which is it? The order to “lose” the battle or the fact that we had to consort with the Alpha Legions?”

    “The loss was of small matter milord, it was but ruins that we acceded to the enemy. Was it not our blessed Primarch who taught us when to fight and when to fall back? No, milord, it is not the loss it is the Alpha Legions. Can they be trusted?”

    “I understand your concerns Captain. But of all the traitorous legions, Alpha Legion is the perhaps the one legion that has never betrayed humanity….. The tasks that I have set for the 5th Company is by no means easy, but within our chapter it is only you and your company that I can trust to carry it through.”

    “The 5th Company shall not fail you milord.”

    “I know you won’t. We shall analyse the data package that was received. Await further instructions Captain. Worry not for the “loss”, I have arranged that there would be no mention of even the battle in the Imperial news network. Have Faith in the Emperor!”

    “For the Emperor!”

    “Yes, for the Emperor…..for we do this not for the Imperium…”

    ++++ Connection Ended ++++

  16. Did the phones just started ringing off the hook at Lord Calgar's office back on Macragge?


  17. Just finish reading The Aquila.. Super Cool!!
    Makes me wish my WE was there butchering some innocent citizens.


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