Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ork Rising!

We're into Week 3 of the Arenxis Minoris campaign, and while I'll let the good people of the INN fill you in on the real news, I just have to say that Iz' Orks seems nigh unstoppable!

As is tradition now, the evening started quiet enough. I assembled the last bastion and was quite happy with it - double storey thing with lascannons instead of heavy bolters on the upper storey. Next week we'll start painting the 3 new bastions. Rizal helped greatly, turning up with a fully assembled and painted bastion.

Doc arrived early, and though we were both itching for a game, we both had "assigned" games already, and wanted to wait for that to happen first (we really should have rolled them dice!). Anyways, Alvin and Izwan turned up, and Jeff and Alvin promptly duked it out in a league game. Chaos on Chaos on the deserts of the Legio. It looked pretty bloody. Lim turned up out of nowhere! :) And so did Saleh. Nice to see old friends after awhile.

The escalation grew exponentially as Kadir showed up, he and his WE returning from the Warp after being trapped in a freakish warp storm for at least a twin century. Ceiran arrived, and I believe he took on Redeye later in the night. Iz arrived early, and we almost had a game, but it was to close to our scheduled games, so he proceeded to pound Faizal's IG in a bloody campaign battle. Shazli took on Peter in a league game, while Khairul's Saim Hann got butchered by Joe's WE. By this time it was hard to keep track of the action as tables were getting filled up (only one table was left - the one with my models on it :) ) and I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of the action. I followed up last week's victory against the Alpha Legion by assaulting Iqbal's spaceport deep in Alpha Legion territory. That was a close run thing, and the Ravenwing barely squeezed through with a victory.

Another long lost return from the Warp after centuries was the Long Fang Syamael, complete with brand-new SW codex. I believe he took on Din's Eldar in a baptism of fire with his new book. Arzmi's Inquisitorial army pulled off 2 wins in a row - beating off Doc's DE and Paxter's Red Corsairs! Much welcome victories for the Imperium! Doc was truly having trouble with Land Raider-heavy Grey Knights as Jin held him to a draw in another league game. Dann and Jeff faced off in an intense campaign battle, and while the Unclean was on top for most of the battle, their plague zombie daemons couldn't hold on and broke in the final 7th turn!

The last 2 battles were epic, as Joe's WE defeated Rizal's 5th Company Ultramarines and took his river stronghold, and Khairul's Saim Hann totally swamped Iqbal's Alpha Legion in an impressive display of sorcery and speed!

Anyways, by the time the night ended, much dice were rolled, much beverage consumed, much hobby talk was had, and we were all happy and tired and just looking forward to next Hobby Nite! The Imperium had won more territory this week compared to previous turns. Lots of league games were had. We're fast running out of slots for the tournament as a bunch of guys registered. And the bastion network is starting to take shape!

I lurv Hobby Nite!


  1. Yeah last night was really busy however i observe in Legio.. Dices have really insane balistics. As a drop dice can really roll far...

    Never seen dice fly like that in that manner.. Only in Legio..

  2. i don't know about that ... i do know that I roll an inordinate number of 1's and 2's ... then again, i do that anywhere anyways ... lol

  3. Yes there was a huge crowd and dice rolling were frantic!!! Super hobby nite again. Jeff, can we get the official headcount of attendees? Could be a new record.

    Lord Commander Faizal : As promised, the heads of two alpha legion sorcerors now rest on poles by my Seer council's jetbikes!!!

  4. da commander can't reply. he's buzy regrouping his tattered forces...ark, ark, ark

    what a waste of time waiting for that so called commander.:)it could've been used to roll some dice with azlan's ravenwing. that's it, if i get there early next week, i'm playing versus azlan (if he's free, of course)

    so far, the campaign is shaping up nicely. I've only 3 more opponents to meet, Dann, Azlan and Rizal. hopefully, i get to fight them before the campaign closes.

    to more gaming next week!

  5. Let's do a campaign game this Friday ... rempit vs rempit!

  6. @khairul: you got 2 sorcerors all right, but are you sure you got the right ones..hahaha :D

  7. Azlan, was hoping to get a game with you on the next hobby night, league game! I wanna make up for lost time since I didn't play for a week.

  8. Yeah, Friday was awesome, and yes it was an attendance record. We had 27 people come to Hobby Night, which is a pretty awesome number all things considered. If the "Infinity Group" decides to start regularly attending Hobby Night, we could end up with 30+ attendees. Wow.

    On a side note I'm trying to add a new feature to The Aquila that I'm struggling with, hence no publication as of yet. However, I will get it done with or without "the addition" within the next day, so stay tuned... :)

  9. Infinity group?? Pray tell.

  10. @alvin .. sure. I want to get at least 1 campaign game in too. So first come, first served. Come early on Friday, and we'll do the game

  11. Infinity Group? what's that?

  12. There's a small group of guys that are interested in playing Infinity on Friday nights at Legio. It's a skirmish level game, set in the future, with some real nice figs with a mange slant to them. Here's a link to Maelstrom's Infinity selection:

    They've offered to build terrain and otherwise contribute, so we'll see how it goes. I've got the Ariadna starter pack coming, so I'm going to give it a try... :)

  13. Thanks Jeff for welcoming us. :)

    We will be starting the infinity campaign sometime in december or jan next year. but if anyone is interested we could run a test game in legio sometime after the tourney, league and the campaign to give u guys a feel of the mechanics of the game. :)

    See if anyone is interested. The more players the merrier.


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