Thursday, October 8, 2009

RSVP Thread

Yes, it's already that time of the week, when folks post their intentions to come. Please note that only post on here if you actually will be here- we're not interested in "maybe". We like to know who's coming for a few reasons, and maybe's are not helpful and will not be considered an actual RSVP. People who continue to say they are coming and do not will be banned- you've been warned. Thanks for the cooperation :)

I know Arzmi and Khairul are coming, eager to be crushed by the forces of Chaos. Who else is up for a fun night of league and campaign play?


  1. I'm coming Jeff, u and me got a game

  2. Indeed, dude. There shall be a mighty slaying!

  3. No offences but what with the strict rule.. I mean do we really do a head count on who really there or no..

    Yeah i be comming.. I think you should do the who is comming thread earlier around wednesday since alot of people are eager to RSVP..

  4. @redeye. Yes, we do really need a head count. Legio is NOT a shop. It is a private venue. Remember, there's no fee or any other charges or obligations to come play at Legio. Anyone can turn up and play. So we do need to know who's coming.

  5. i should be there *fingers crossed* got an Imperial planet to save...

  6. consider me to already be there, but will only show my face at 9 pm..

  7. Will be there but late. probably about 9 or so.

  8. @Redeye- Come find me tomorrow if you still have concerns, and I'll be happy to chat about them with you.

  9. If I'm inviting people over to my house, I need to know who's coming and who's not. Same with Legio. So it makes sense.

    I'll be there tomorrow to paint and stuff.

  10. Yes farseer khairul is eager to personally slay lord mithras and his foul lackeys.
    - insert evil smiley -

  11. @Shaz and others- Shaz made a post on this thread, which I deleted, suggesting that people ignore the RSVP rule and come anyway. After all, the guard's not going to stop you, right?

    First off, I am in the middle of setting up the systems with our security here and getting car stickers done for Legio members. No later than next week the guards will absolutely stop anyone who is not on the list, and turn them away. We just wanted to get a couple of things in place before we did this, and give everyone a chance to get used to RSVPing.

    However, it shouldn't take security enforcement to expect people to play by the rules. I'm appalled that anyone would suggest that people not comply with our wishes, simply because there's a way around it. The disrespect inherent in such a thing astounds me.

    This is a private club, on private property. We're not a store, or a mall, or any other sort of public location. Really it's like Kai suggested- a house. We welcome anyone, for free, to come and join us to play some games. We make no money at this, nor do we enjoy any benefit from it. We just want to offer a friendly place to play for not just our members, but anyone else who's willing to adhere to a few simple rules. It's not unreasonable to ask people to RSVP. It takes all of 5 or 10 seconds to do it, and it allows us to plan for how many people are going to turn up.

    Do we need more tables set up? Is there a player-organized event that needs tables? Do we need more hobby space? These are all questions that RSVPs help answer. I'm disappointed in anyone who is so short sighted as to not see this.

    Bottom line is this folks: These are the rules, and we expect people to abide by them regardless of whether the guard outside enforces them or not. End of story. If anyone has a serious problem with this, I respectfully suggest that you do your gaming/hobby someplace else...

  12. Jeez, how could something so basic and simple as RSVP become such an issue? Guys, don't get too clever here. It's simple. If you want to come, RSVP. If not, don't RSVP. I'm really surprised this would come from Shaz.

  13. I second that Jeff, Legio's located at a private property and furthermore a factory which requires compliancy in certain areas mainly security.. We are lucky enough to have a place to play and I might add a WORKING FACTORY, which i don't think we can have the pleasure anywhere else. I totally agree with the RSVP system.

  14. My vote for RSVPing. A 10 sec reply to get a nite out with good friends, good tables, awesome venue FOC.....well, I 'll continue to RSVP. Hey, i dont remember the last time i had to wait for a table at Legio. An opponent maybe but certainly not tables. How cool is that??

    Just realised my earlier post only said i was eager to slay heheh. I'll be there to start slaying around 8.

    Unless i can mindwar from work......hhhmmm

  15. Wow, I was expecting to have discussed this face to face first before being made out as the bad guy. Since we're already talking about it here I'll share my thoughts when I was posting earlier today.

    Firstly, I've always supported the RSVP system. I have posted my attendance when I see the threads have I not? Even in that deleted post today I have mentioned that I will be coming. On days when I was not sure if I could come, I did not RSVP, a good example being the fasting month recently.

    I specifically asked about the guards not stopping anyone because this is a security reason. I would have expected that everyone already knows about the other reasons of the RSVP so I did not mention it. What I was worried about was that security was not following instructions and that thieves or saboteurs can easily come in.

    I know there's a lot of important information, trade secrets and actual manufacturing equipment that could cause a lot of problems if sabotaged. We have had similar problems at my workplace where security was lax and there was a theft, hence why I was worried. Since this is already being taken care of, then my worry was uncalled for.

    As for my "suggestion" that we bypass the rules, my intention was showing the loophole that the current practice seemed to allow. I wish I saved the actual post, as I don't recall my exact wording and it would be a good way of asking others if it really seemed like I was telling everyone to bypass the rules. If it did seemed that way to everyone else, then I am sorry and will refrain from posting similar posts.

    It seems lately my posts have caused a lot of unnecessary grief to everyone including myself despite the good intentions, so I think in future I will raise any concerns directly and not through any public forums. Even this post went through edit like 10 times, so I hope there's not wrong message sent this time.

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  17. We'll talk later tonite. See you guys later ...

  18. hey death and spunky... Paxter here i tried rsvp-ing last night but it just could not go thru. I did send an email to your gmail account tho.

    Just confirming my attendance tonight

  19. To all of you guys.. Have fun.

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  21. What a night! Despite the slight hiccup on the dark force, we are not doing as bad as the good force on their week! :P

    About the RSVP, i totally agree with it.
    Can I suggest something on the RSVP management since the incident just now happened to me and could have happened to others?

    Firstly, I didn't get to know about this post until now. (my bad, due to work)
    Second, I thought that I was still an active legio member and didn't require to RSVP so I went to LEGIO just like that and found that my name is no longer in the LEGIO member list and thus had some trouble with the guards which is a good thing coz it shows that they are doing their job. :)

    With that above, those existing active members of LEGIO (paid members that have not expired) that do not know when their membership going to expire and would have thought there is no need to RSVP. To avoid this from happening to others, could Azlan please post up a list for those members with their expiration dates? Maybe so that way they know when they should be like others, to RSVP when they want to come once their membership expired.

    Just some thoughts here for the others.
    (Well, at least now I know my membership already expired - the hard way. ) :P

  22. well, I'm totally supporting this RSVP thing..I share Kai's point of view here, so I can't really understand what the big matter is about RSVP-ing..

    on the other hand, Joe has a good point there..

  23. RSVP rules!!

    Whatever it is, Chaos forces got proper beating last night, bwhahahahahaha!! For the Emperor!!


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