Saturday, October 31, 2009

Max Productive Hobby Nite!

That was an awesome Hobby Nite! Talk about being productive. Despite the horrendous rain-induced traffic jam, which caused everyone to arrive later than planned, I can safely say we did very well.

Jeff and his table-fabricating cohorts Ivan and Iqbal completely got 2 tables mounted, sanded and ready to be modeled on next week. I believe one of those new tables also got some extra things on it too (which shall remain a secret for now). They also completed the detailed planning for that table. Amazing effort!

I'm totally happy with what I managed to get done too. I finished painting the 3 new bastions (including the double-height one with lascannons in its 2nd storey firing ports), finished detailing 2 ruined buildings which I basecoated before the league kicked-off, and finished painting 2 pieces of scatter terrain that match the ruined temple on our dead-grass table. In between, Iqbal, Ivan, Faizal and I messed around with one of the MDF buildings and put it together in a dry run - it looks sweet!

On top of that, I managed to get my 6th league game in too! In the Annihilation battle vs Rizal's 5th Company Ultramarines on the city table, the Ravenwing narrowly won. It was a close-fought game throughout, and I was pretty lucky the game ended in turn 5 :) - the Ravenwing has been notorious this season for not being able to last much longer after turn 5.

The gaming was quieter than usual, but furious nonetheless. I saw Faizal's IG annihilate Alvin's Alpha Legion, before defeating Redeye's force. Alvin went on to take on Iqbal's Alpha Legion - and naturally fought to a draw. Joe's WE took on Iz' scary Orks, but I'm not sure how that game ended. Same with Doc's DE and Peter's Black Legion (featuring a brand-new Black Legion Rhino). And towards the end of the gaming, brothers Khairul and Arzmi finally turned up, having survived a drawn-out harlequin wedding.

Khairul and Iqbal each took home a couple of the MDF building kits to assemble at home, and Faizal took home a ruined building kit ... those should look good once assembled and painted (and perhaps embellished with the many Imperial building bitz we have at Legio). The night was just jam-packed for us, and by the time it was over, we actually skipped the traditional late-night drinks and went home, tired but totally happy. I lurv Hobby Nite!


  1. DE needs a NEW CODEX!!!!!
    After getting hammered by Peter's CSM, I was itching for a Fantasy games. Iz brought his Empires for a game but it was late to start a game so decided to do it next week.
    Well everyone turned up late yesterday, KL and its surroundings were just Jammed.
    @Khairul and Arzmi- Missed you guys.
    @Jeff- I love your sexy body.

  2. I think I took 2 separate building parts home. The base & roof don't match, and the walls are mismatched, not to mention no doors. But nonetheless, the building shall be done. But don't think it'll end up gothic, more towards artistic instead.

  3. @Doc- Who doesn't?

    @Vuel- You'll manage... ;)

    'Twas a good night indeed. I have high hopes for our two newest table frames!

  4. Well the turnout was alot fewer than usual but nonetheless war still rages over the Legio sector.

    Its a shame that Ivan misunderstood that i wasnt in the league and he was seeking for a league game..

  5. The traffic jam was indeed horrendous that nite....It was a good game Lan. I take great pleasure in killing Sammael...the thorn in the 5th Company's side throughout the Arenxis campaign.... :)

  6. Sorry redeye, my bad. Seeking for more league games.

  7. It was a DRAW against the scary Orks!!! :D
    If we had 1 more turn, World Eaters would probably win too! Oh well, nevertheless it was a damn close game. Luckily it was an objective game. My rolls damn suck as usual but satisfied that I still managed to pull a draw due to strategic planning (yea, since when World Eaters ever plan). If it was Annihilation mission, the Orks would have won hands down coz the Nob Bikers alone took down 19 berzerkers + Kharn in just 1 assault! @_@!!

    @Jeff - Yea, we all love your sexy body.

    @Ivan - Cute apron you were wearing there! lolz

  8. whatever happens, I will make sure Sammael gets killed in the Apoc game, and prepare for the return of Gideon ... lol

  9. if that's the case..guys, don't kill Sammael..let him kill his ownself with his own plasma cannon, his quite famous for it..

  10. Next Friday I'm coming in shorts.
    Then the apron will really suit me.
    Game or no game, building stuff makes me happy.

    Thanks Jeff for letting me help out.

  11. Did i miss something or has chaos reared its ugly head at legio. Doc n Joo loving Jeff's sexy body??? No offense to you jeff but did something happen during the forces of evil's victory celebration that we should know of?? Hmmmm

    What i do know is that fate has robbed me of 2 weeks of dice rolling....

  12. @khairul - it looks like i'll be robbed of three weeks :D and i'm not sure about the apoc or the toruney....

    such is the strands of fate...

  13. Tell me about it,Dann. I can't be playing in the Apoc or Tourney neither.
    COL(Cry out loud, as opposed to LOL).
    @Jeff- bro where are you? No comments from you in this thread. Sorry but did we finally manage to embarress you in any way?

  14. @Doc- No way, dude. I'm proud of my belly. In fact, I'm going to shave and oil it up just for YOU!!!! Bwahahaahahaaa!!!!

    Be sure to bring "holy water" this Friday lol...


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