Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FAQ #1 Inquisition Wars Tournament

Like we did last year, we'll post up questions and answers relating to the upcoming 40K Legio Tournament. FYI These are decisions we've made for our events/activities, and should in no way stop you from doing your own thing in your own games. Having said that, here's the first two!

Does extra armor have to be repped on my vehicles?

Yes, absolutely! This is an easy conversion, and there are also armor kits available from Forge World. Extra armor needs to be clearly represented on your models, should you choose to use this option.

Does Commander Dante benefit from his own "Inspiring" rule?

Yes. As Dante is certainly within 12" of himself, he does indeed receive the benefits of this rule. Of course, this means there's not much use for the "master crafted" part of his axe. Remember, you can't re-roll a die twice! Hopefully we'll get a proper Blood Angels codex soon to fix this weird stuff! ;)

Do I have to tell my opponent what's inside my transport vehicles during the game?

Yes, folks need to declare what's inside transports if their opponent asks. While perhaps not the most "realistic", this does tend to save on hard feelings and confusion in games.

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  1. So glad I don't use extra armour at all... XD

  2. Rules on what "What's inside the transport?"

    Do we need to declare specifically which unit with what is in which transport?

    I ask this because when you go to battle, you only see tanks and do not know what it carries until they disembark or the unit inside do something that reveal their presence.

    Anyway, I've posted the same question on warseer. Some are playing you have to declare and some are playing as what I've described.

    Here's the linky:

    So which direction are we going?

  3. Yes, folks need to declare what's inside transports if their opponent asks. While perhaps not the most "realistic", this does tend to save on hard feelings and confusion in games.

  4. I believe the rulebook doesn't say that you have to declare what's in the transport. I generally declare it myself. but strictly speaking, you don't have to. The problem will come when people intentionally or unintentionally cheat and disembarks a squad from somewhere else. My call is that you agree on which way you want to play it with your opponent before the game starts.

  5. That's exactly why we're going to run with the "must declare" option. I've seen more than one game where a key squad comes out of a different transport than it did when the game started.

  6. Ok, that works. Most people do it anyways, and it's much cleaner/easier for both players. you can always reverse engineer the fluff -- markings on the vehicles denote what's inside, powerful augurs identifying passengers, psychic readings, etc.

  7. Or just put a model next to it like i did when playing 2 falcons. I'll always put a banshee and a fire dragon next to each to denote which was which.

    Now am using 1 falcon, 1 serpent and 2 prisms but still get the "hey, they all look the same" LOL.

  8. Jeff, I noticed you have put up the transport rule in the FAQ and it is mentioned "... during the game".

    Would "... before the game" a better phrase for it to avoid confusion? :)

  9. @Joe- No confusion there dude. I meant what I typed. At any time during the game if your opponent asks you who's in the transport, you need to let them know.


  10. damn guys i have to get out my bits to create some extra armour :(

  11. How do you make extra armor??

  12. The Orky way is just to put more thick bitz on!

  13. @redeye ... spaced armor is actually not difficult to make. Some bits of plastic card (or even good card stock) cut to shape and you already have your basic extra armor. You might want to add thinner strips of card and some other bits on top of the base armor to add detail, if you like

  14. haha, nice one Jeff. that means we are still allowed to have some element of strategic surprise there as long as our opponent does not ask! :D

  15. @Joe- Absolutely. You're not at all required to volunteer the info, but if your opponent asks be sure to fill him in :)

  16. I have to admit I just don't get why so many people around here think modeling extra armor is so difficult?! It has to be one of the easiest vehicle conversions you can do- blows my mind lol...

    FYI folks these guys sell extra armor at about half the price of ForgeWorld...


  17. i. Can a unit in drop pod split during deployment? eg.: 10 man Tact break into Combat Squads.
    5 man deployed on table.
    Remaining 5 drop in using the Pod.
    Can OR Not?

    ii. How do you roll dangerous terrain test? Seperately for each models OR Together as per shooting?

    iii. About that Dante thing, it were once agreed in 40kMalaysia that it should work like Kantor's Inspiring. But then, we are not here to argue.

    I have a lot to ask. But that's it for now..

  18. Hi, guys!

    1) First, an administrative question –
    Have noticed that there’s no mention of objective markers in rulespack.

    Do we need to bring objective markers? If so, how many and what base size?

    Gaming (gamey?) stuff:
    1) What’s your position on Death Rollers – can they be used to ram vehicles?

    2) Space Wolves

    Wolf Guard attached to units:
    - treat them as upgrade characters? (I’d assume so…)
    - If a Wolf Guard is attached to a pack of 9 Grey Hunters and the Grey Hunters are all wiped out, will the Wolf Guard count as a scoring unit?
    - Conversely, if I’m taking Logan (Wolf Guard count as troops) and attach a Wolf Guard to a non-scoring unit (Long Fangs), does the Wolf Guard model count as scoring?
    - Do Wolf Guard attached to other squads count towards the “parent” unit’s model count for determining KP?
    (10 Wolf Guard, 6 in one unit, 4 attached to different units – I can score a KP just by killing the 6-man unit, right? Don’t make me hunt down all 10 of the silly gits?!)

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