Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calm Before the Storm : Hobby Night RSVP 13th July

Tomorrow's Hobby Night will all be about setting the tables and terrain for Saturday's Golden Kris and Kindred 3.

Would really appreciate if members can come to help set up the room, tables and terrains ;) Would be a boost for those taking part as they would be able to have a look at how the tables will look like.

There will definitely be enough tables available for the FoW Tank Aces campaign to continue and a few wargames to be played.

So do drop by.


  1. Will be there to test out an early war list with Mark and of course, Hauptmann Blitz wants revenge on the amis!

  2. I will be coming

  3. Ah, good, I'll be there, but probably around 9-ish or later, gotta take my visiting parents out to dinner.

  4. Ah? Help arrange tables? I think I will have a fever tomorrow...sorry cannot make it.


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