Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash

We've been announcing this for quite some time now. At last, our annual mega-event is happening in 4 days, which also means four days left for you to paint those models up. If you were caught in the warp for the few months, there will be two events organised on the day itself; Golden Kris 2012 and Kindred III.

Golden Kris 2012

These highly coveted trophies will be the grand prize for this year's Golden Kris. As mentioned earlier, there will be four categories this year: Single, Unit, Large Model, and Flames of War. No entrance fee is required; all you need to do in order to join is paint up your own models. Fret not my fellow wargamers; even if you don't win anything, your entrance will still be immortalised in our Golden Kris videos. Click here and scroll down a bit to feast your eyes on the previous years' Golden Kris entries.

Kindred III (K3)

Ten partnerships will duke it out this July 14th, and in four days, we'll soon see who will join these awesome guys below to etch their name on the legendary Hall of Kindred.

Jeff & Azlan (Sisters of Battle & Imperial Guard) : First Kindred Champion
James & Zaki  (Blood Angels & Tyranids) : Second Kindred Champion

Hope to see you guys on the 14th.

Ave Legio!


  1. i'm counting down =D 3 moar days to go!

  2. Those trophies look good man ... standards are going up and up


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