Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash - Post War Summary

After months of preparation, the Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash was a success! Despite suffering a minor setback in the rescheduling to July 14th, a large number of crowd were present as either participants or spectators. It was simply a day for wargamers and hobbyists alike to have fun and interact with each other, with an overabundance of foods, beverages, and snacks readily available at all times.
Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash Winners and Organizers
Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash Awards


This is the annual premiere painting competition in Malaysia, where painters present their love and hard work to their hobby for public viewing and judgement. Pictured below are the entries for this year.

Quoting this year's judge, "the level of painting on the models have gone way notches up compared to the last Golden Kris that he judged". After much thinking and deliberation, the title of the Golden Kris 2012 Champion belongs to Carl Lum (MrChaos) with his beautifully painted Eldar Autarch. After years of dominating the previous editions of Golden Kris, Carl has finally managed to win the top award and joined the ranks of Dann, Oliver, and Jeff. Congratulations Carl, you fully deserved it.

The Ice Autarch

As we've mentioned over and over again, Golden Kris is not the only event we're running during the Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash on July 14th. Kindred III was also in motion.

We had a true kindred winner this year in the form of the ultra fabulous Ong brothers!!! They have forever sealed their place in Kindred history as the first and probably only kindred Kindred winners.
Well done you hensem guys! Congrats to Chris and Daniel Ong, the brothers supreme.
Daniel & Chris
They won the title with these nicely painted Necron-Tyranid partnership.
K3 Tournament Champion - Necrons and Tyranids

But, that's not all. During the event itself, we've announced these three main events that will be held for the rest of 2012:
  1. Operation Case Yellow (an Early War Flames of War campaign in September)
  2. Legio Malaysia's Iron Painter II, during MaGaCon 2012 (November 3rd and 4th - 24 hours of non-stop painting)
  3. Annual Legio Malaysia 40K RTT "The Chosen" (December 15th - 6th Edition rules, 1500pts)
Remember to mark those dates on your calendar and make reminders to yourselves, folks.

Ave Legio!


  1. As usual, a very exciting write up.

    Let me see...
    I can make it for a few games of FOW.
    MaGaCon is a big NO.
    40K RTT, maybe.

  2. Awesome! Happy Birthday Legio Malaysia!

  3. Was an awesome event. Can wait for K4.. 6th ed.

  4. As my bro Syamael said, it was awesome indeed. looking forward to more event from Legio

  5. Will there be more pictures of the Golden Kriss 2012 entries?

    1. Absolutely. The official entry pics will go up tonight- I've been terribly remiss with taking work home this week :)

  6. Folks, thanks for the awesome event^^

    Question : for the upcoming Iron Painter event, if we did not take part in the main event (eg: bring 30 models army and paint them in 24 hours), can we bring our loose WIP stuff to join in the painting session just for fun?

    Or will there be other open category painting competition that folks can take part?

    1. 1) If there's space available, yes, you are more than welcome to paint. Obviously Iron Painter aspirants will have seating priority :)

      2) We are not running any other competition besides Iron Painter

  7. Congratulations to the Champions!
    Looking forward for future events :)


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