Sunday, July 8, 2012

Legio Golden Kris 2012 & Kindred 3 is this 14th Saturday

Yup, the day has finally arrived. So for those who are planning on entering both or either events, then you've got 5 days to finish painting those models ;)

The schedule for the day.

For Golden Kris;
You do not need to register beforehand. Just bring your models at 9 - 9.30 for registration.

For Kindred 3 participants;
1. Please please please come early and register by 9.30 so we can get the event started on time. We will start the tournament on time and those who register late, worse is even not being there at the start of Round 1, will be penalised with an automatic Total Annihilation score and full points will be given to their opponents. You cannot start the game alone if your Partner is late.
So do please help us and the other participants by coming on time :) Malaysia BOLEH!!!! 

2. Those who have not or have changed their list since sending me their initial list have until Wednesday 11th,0900H to email me their final list for verification. Those who are late will be banished to the dark regions of the warp to forever watch re-runs after re-runs of the Ultramarines movie and Mr.Bean series. (And points deducted).

3. You need to bring a copy of your list on tournament day to show to your opponents when requested. Failure to do this will also result in eternal re-runs of above said shows.

This year we have 11 teams vying for top honors. They are ;

If I've somehow managed to miss your teams please do remind me and I'll get you on the list pronto.

Emails all your list to me please at

Thanks and really looking forward to seeing your nicely painted models and armies :)

Ave Legio!!!


  1. Me and Marcus have paid for the registration for Kindred to Alvin. I'm certain you have our lists, rights?

  2. Hi Khairul, Goh here, emailed my list a moment ago, do let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks.

    Eh, also put up a link/upload a doc for Golden Kris format lah~

  3. Jake - my apologies. Yes i have received your lists. Tau and Space Marines, correct.
    I've updated the name list. Thanks for the reminder.


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