Thursday, July 5, 2012

RSVP Time!

Oh yes, it's that time of the week again as we wrap up another work week and get ready for hobby time! The Tank Aces campaign is running strong, and we're less than two weeks away from KIII and Golden Kris.

So who's cominv tomorrow? :)


  1. I shall be there with a platoon of German EW light tanks to paint, and either my Thousand Sons or Eldar to try out 6th ed.

    Who's up?

  2. I'll be there for Tank Aces and a 1750 FoW game if possible.

  3. I am intrested in playing FOW but i complete noob and no models.

    If someone can gimme run down of the game that be awesome.

    1. sure, we can help you with the, the Tank Aces campaign is a really simple medium for a noob to start with..

      by the way, I'll be a bit late, whoever wants to be pummeled by Matthias Herzog will have to wait okay..

  4. i'll try my best to be there with my BA to test out 6th ed

  5. I will be coming

  6. Name: "Q" Qamarul Ariffin Zainal

    New face checking out and meeting people during or before the Hobby Night. Just RSVP'ing so I don't get turned away :'(

  7. Will be there with my grey knight n IG to try out 6ed =D


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