Thursday, July 26, 2012

Know The Champ: Carl Lum

The Champ!

Carl Lum Kye Ern a.k.a MrChaos, as we all know by now, is the fourth and current Golden Kris Champion. And that, further establishes himself as among the best painters in Malaysia. A very humble and funny guy to interact with, this ork-loving maestro has painted a wide range of models, from various independent retailers to the mainstream companies.

These are his lengthy accomplishments since he started joining our events in 2010:
  • Golden Kris 2012 Champion - The Ice Autarch
  • Golden Kris 2012 Single Model Category (Gold Medal) - The Ice Autarch
  • Golden Kris 2011 People's Choice - Deffknight
  • Golden Kris 2011 Single Model Category (Gold Medal) - Librarian Terminator
  • Golden Kris 2011 Unit Category (Silver Medal) - Justaerian Terminator Squad
  • Golden Kris 2011 Large Model Category (Gold Medal) - Deffknight
  • Golden Kris 2010 Single Model Category (Bronze Medal) - White Scars Captain
  • Golden Kris 2010 Unit Category (Gold Medal) - Sanguinary Guard
  • Golden Kris 2010 Large Model Category (Bronze Medal) - Soulgrinder
  • Kindred III Best Sportsmanship Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred III Blood and Sweat Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred II People's Choice Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred II People's Expendables Award
  • Kindred II Best Banner Award
  • Kindred II The Saim-Hann Award (with Boon Kin)
 Note: Those in bold are considered major Legio Malaysia achievements.

Wow, don't you all agree that's a long list of achievements he got there in just three years. As you can see (and probably has expected), it's dominated by painting achievements. But that's not all to Carl, some might also remember him causing an epic moment in the Apocalypse game during Legio Malaysia's Birthday Bash III; his Big Mek Stompa throwing enemy vehicles here and there like nobody's business. It's simply Legend...wait for it...dary!

K2 People's Expendables with the K2 Best Banner
People's Deffknight

Sadly though, quoting Carl himself, it will be tough for him to defend the title next year. Reason being that he will be flying off to New Zealand by end of 2012 to further his studies BUT, he shall make an appearance if the schedule permits. Nevertheless, distance is a small matter these days, as we can still be in contact with him through Chaos Brushes. Pictured below are some of the awesome miniatures that he have painted taken from his blog. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, Champ!

Dark Eldar Raider
Khornate Terminators on Bloodcrushers
Da Apokaliptik Mek Squad
Doomrider and friends
Acolytes of Slaanesh
White Scars Captain
Raven Guard Captain
Azhag the Slaughterer
Justaerin Terminator Squad


  1. Wow!
    A very well deserved awards for a great achiever.
    He is the inspiration for all of us hobbyist in M'sia.

  2. Truly awe inspiring! Kudos for such cool work!

  3. Awe inspiring is what it is indeed! Congrats and keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Thanks everyone! You're the best!

    1. No dude, thank YOU. Your works has inspired a lot of us here.


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