Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry folks, but we're going to have to cancel Hobby Night tonight. Pictured above is the first hobbyist we told, and his reaction is understandable. With our Flames of War "Case Yellow" campaign coming up, and the new 40K ruleset out, there's a lot of great hobby at Legio Malaysia to be had. To be cruelly torn from that is certainly a trauma worthy of wailing and weeping.

However, wipe away those tears and think about next week. We'll be back in full force with Flames of War, 40K, and anything else miniatures folks might have cooked up...


  1. lol nice pic. i could've swear that was me and dammit ive missed so much.

  2. hobby night..

    Anyway, happy Ramadhan guys!
    we'll see you again next week to continue the Tank Aces mini-campaign ;)

  3. Aw dang... But glad this had to happen on this night coz I AM stuck at work :S

    Anyone up for a 1750 FoW game this saturday or sun? Need to get my gaming fix in or the withdrawal syndrome might be hazardous to my staffs health next week! :P

  4. Hey Nahri, where are u staying and on which day would be best for you? Also time please in case i'm free.

  5. I'm in the Saujana area opposite Ara Damansara. Will probably try to head to Hobby Forge on Saturday around 2pm. Drop me a text though if you want to have a game, I'm pretty flexible this weekend.


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