Thursday, July 26, 2012

Know The Champ: Carl Lum

The Champ!

Carl Lum Kye Ern a.k.a MrChaos, as we all know by now, is the fourth and current Golden Kris Champion. And that, further establishes himself as among the best painters in Malaysia. A very humble and funny guy to interact with, this ork-loving maestro has painted a wide range of models, from various independent retailers to the mainstream companies.

These are his lengthy accomplishments since he started joining our events in 2010:
  • Golden Kris 2012 Champion - The Ice Autarch
  • Golden Kris 2012 Single Model Category (Gold Medal) - The Ice Autarch
  • Golden Kris 2011 People's Choice - Deffknight
  • Golden Kris 2011 Single Model Category (Gold Medal) - Librarian Terminator
  • Golden Kris 2011 Unit Category (Silver Medal) - Justaerian Terminator Squad
  • Golden Kris 2011 Large Model Category (Gold Medal) - Deffknight
  • Golden Kris 2010 Single Model Category (Bronze Medal) - White Scars Captain
  • Golden Kris 2010 Unit Category (Gold Medal) - Sanguinary Guard
  • Golden Kris 2010 Large Model Category (Bronze Medal) - Soulgrinder
  • Kindred III Best Sportsmanship Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred III Blood and Sweat Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred II People's Choice Award (with Boon Kin)
  • Kindred II People's Expendables Award
  • Kindred II Best Banner Award
  • Kindred II The Saim-Hann Award (with Boon Kin)
 Note: Those in bold are considered major Legio Malaysia achievements.

Wow, don't you all agree that's a long list of achievements he got there in just three years. As you can see (and probably has expected), it's dominated by painting achievements. But that's not all to Carl, some might also remember him causing an epic moment in the Apocalypse game during Legio Malaysia's Birthday Bash III; his Big Mek Stompa throwing enemy vehicles here and there like nobody's business. It's simply Legend...wait for it...dary!

K2 People's Expendables with the K2 Best Banner
People's Deffknight

Sadly though, quoting Carl himself, it will be tough for him to defend the title next year. Reason being that he will be flying off to New Zealand by end of 2012 to further his studies BUT, he shall make an appearance if the schedule permits. Nevertheless, distance is a small matter these days, as we can still be in contact with him through Chaos Brushes. Pictured below are some of the awesome miniatures that he have painted taken from his blog. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, Champ!

Dark Eldar Raider
Khornate Terminators on Bloodcrushers
Da Apokaliptik Mek Squad
Doomrider and friends
Acolytes of Slaanesh
White Scars Captain
Raven Guard Captain
Azhag the Slaughterer
Justaerin Terminator Squad

RSVP Time!

It's that time again folks! Preparations continue for Case Yellow and Tank Aces is wrapping up. Who's coming? :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry folks, but we're going to have to cancel Hobby Night tonight. Pictured above is the first hobbyist we told, and his reaction is understandable. With our Flames of War "Case Yellow" campaign coming up, and the new 40K ruleset out, there's a lot of great hobby at Legio Malaysia to be had. To be cruelly torn from that is certainly a trauma worthy of wailing and weeping.

However, wipe away those tears and think about next week. We'll be back in full force with Flames of War, 40K, and anything else miniatures folks might have cooked up...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Golden Kris 2012 Photos Up

We've added the link to our photo albums on the left, and it's here as well for your viewing pleasure:

My apologies for the out of focus shots folks- I really need to learn to use my camera better. I'll have the bugs worked out for next time! :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash - Post War Summary

After months of preparation, the Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash was a success! Despite suffering a minor setback in the rescheduling to July 14th, a large number of crowd were present as either participants or spectators. It was simply a day for wargamers and hobbyists alike to have fun and interact with each other, with an overabundance of foods, beverages, and snacks readily available at all times.
Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash Winners and Organizers
Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash Awards


This is the annual premiere painting competition in Malaysia, where painters present their love and hard work to their hobby for public viewing and judgement. Pictured below are the entries for this year.

Quoting this year's judge, "the level of painting on the models have gone way notches up compared to the last Golden Kris that he judged". After much thinking and deliberation, the title of the Golden Kris 2012 Champion belongs to Carl Lum (MrChaos) with his beautifully painted Eldar Autarch. After years of dominating the previous editions of Golden Kris, Carl has finally managed to win the top award and joined the ranks of Dann, Oliver, and Jeff. Congratulations Carl, you fully deserved it.

The Ice Autarch

As we've mentioned over and over again, Golden Kris is not the only event we're running during the Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash on July 14th. Kindred III was also in motion.

We had a true kindred winner this year in the form of the ultra fabulous Ong brothers!!! They have forever sealed their place in Kindred history as the first and probably only kindred Kindred winners.
Well done you hensem guys! Congrats to Chris and Daniel Ong, the brothers supreme.
Daniel & Chris
They won the title with these nicely painted Necron-Tyranid partnership.
K3 Tournament Champion - Necrons and Tyranids

But, that's not all. During the event itself, we've announced these three main events that will be held for the rest of 2012:
  1. Operation Case Yellow (an Early War Flames of War campaign in September)
  2. Legio Malaysia's Iron Painter II, during MaGaCon 2012 (November 3rd and 4th - 24 hours of non-stop painting)
  3. Annual Legio Malaysia 40K RTT "The Chosen" (December 15th - 6th Edition rules, 1500pts)
Remember to mark those dates on your calendar and make reminders to yourselves, folks.

Ave Legio!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calm Before the Storm : Hobby Night RSVP 13th July

Tomorrow's Hobby Night will all be about setting the tables and terrain for Saturday's Golden Kris and Kindred 3.

Would really appreciate if members can come to help set up the room, tables and terrains ;) Would be a boost for those taking part as they would be able to have a look at how the tables will look like.

There will definitely be enough tables available for the FoW Tank Aces campaign to continue and a few wargames to be played.

So do drop by.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Legio Malaysia 4th Birthday Bash

We've been announcing this for quite some time now. At last, our annual mega-event is happening in 4 days, which also means four days left for you to paint those models up. If you were caught in the warp for the few months, there will be two events organised on the day itself; Golden Kris 2012 and Kindred III.

Golden Kris 2012

These highly coveted trophies will be the grand prize for this year's Golden Kris. As mentioned earlier, there will be four categories this year: Single, Unit, Large Model, and Flames of War. No entrance fee is required; all you need to do in order to join is paint up your own models. Fret not my fellow wargamers; even if you don't win anything, your entrance will still be immortalised in our Golden Kris videos. Click here and scroll down a bit to feast your eyes on the previous years' Golden Kris entries.

Kindred III (K3)

Ten partnerships will duke it out this July 14th, and in four days, we'll soon see who will join these awesome guys below to etch their name on the legendary Hall of Kindred.

Jeff & Azlan (Sisters of Battle & Imperial Guard) : First Kindred Champion
James & Zaki  (Blood Angels & Tyranids) : Second Kindred Champion

Hope to see you guys on the 14th.

Ave Legio!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Golden Kris 2012

Golden Kris 2012

Saturday, July 14th 2012

Welcome to the Golden Kris, Legio Malaysia's premiere yearly painting competition. Below are listed this year's categories. Please note that all competitors must turn in their models in person, and all models must have been painted ONLY by thr person entering the model.

Single Model

One human size model in 25 to 32 mm scale. May also be one vehicle or stand of models for 10 to 15 mm scale.

Large Model

One larger than human sized model in 25 to 30 mm scale, such as a monster, vehicle, etc.


A game legal unit of 5 to 10 models, each conforming to the Single Model entry rules above.

Flames of War

This year's featured category, which can be a tank, infantry, or gun team. Entries must be Battlefront models.

If you have any questions, please email Legio Malaysia for clarification or post a reply here. There is no cost to enter, so be sure to join!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Legio Golden Kris 2012 & Kindred 3 is this 14th Saturday

Yup, the day has finally arrived. So for those who are planning on entering both or either events, then you've got 5 days to finish painting those models ;)

The schedule for the day.

For Golden Kris;
You do not need to register beforehand. Just bring your models at 9 - 9.30 for registration.

For Kindred 3 participants;
1. Please please please come early and register by 9.30 so we can get the event started on time. We will start the tournament on time and those who register late, worse is even not being there at the start of Round 1, will be penalised with an automatic Total Annihilation score and full points will be given to their opponents. You cannot start the game alone if your Partner is late.
So do please help us and the other participants by coming on time :) Malaysia BOLEH!!!! 

2. Those who have not or have changed their list since sending me their initial list have until Wednesday 11th,0900H to email me their final list for verification. Those who are late will be banished to the dark regions of the warp to forever watch re-runs after re-runs of the Ultramarines movie and Mr.Bean series. (And points deducted).

3. You need to bring a copy of your list on tournament day to show to your opponents when requested. Failure to do this will also result in eternal re-runs of above said shows.

This year we have 11 teams vying for top honors. They are ;

If I've somehow managed to miss your teams please do remind me and I'll get you on the list pronto.

Emails all your list to me please at

Thanks and really looking forward to seeing your nicely painted models and armies :)

Ave Legio!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

RSVP Time!

Oh yes, it's that time of the week again as we wrap up another work week and get ready for hobby time! The Tank Aces campaign is running strong, and we're less than two weeks away from KIII and Golden Kris.

So who's cominv tomorrow? :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hobby Night 29/06/12

The mayhem continues!
The Tank Aces campaign, a light and easy skirmish-based Flames of War format, proved to be a nice break from all current existing game systems. The rules and game length is just nice for a short game, and a really good environment for new players to learn the rules.

However, the overall turnout for the last Hobby Night was rather low, as initially expected in anticipation of the Warhammer 40K 6th Edition release the next day. I've skimmed through the rules a little bit during the weekend; overall, all I can say that it's a really nice change from 5th Edition with a touch of 2nd Edition here and there. Abuse of wound allocation, vehicle-spam, winning games by simply annihilating your opponents will be disappearing; although the rise of power to (any) Terminator Squads is a valid initial concern. We'll see how it goes in a few months. Credits to the game developer though, for actually trying to make it a better game. I have yet to read the fluff area so, apologies for not being able to comment on that (although really looking forward to know what is happening to the Imperium since in the 5th Edition fluff, it was noted that the Golden Throne is weakening).

Speaking of which, the Kindred III tournament which will be held on 14th of July, 2012 will still retain the 5th Edition rules. Consider this as an official statement on behalf of the tournament organizers, ok folks.

Till next week, Ave Legio!