Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another great hobby night

Well, it seems like things are already starting to take off, because last night we nearly doubled the previous hobby night's attendance- sweet! In fact, we actually ran out of table space, forcing a mighty battle between the Inquisition and Chaos Space Marines to be fought on an improvised table! Several games of Warmachine were played on the forest table, while the Ultramarines and the Imperial Guard conducted a training exercise in the desert. I continued painting my Alpha Legion, and even remembered to bring the colors I forgot last time! Two are almost finished, but the going is slow... argh! :)

Be sure to pop in next week- that will be Legio Malaysia's first club meeting. We'll discuss some upcoming events, as well as make a decision about what table we're going to build next. If you haven't yet made it out to a hobby night, you really need to pop in and see what the fuss is all about. Good times!


  1. huzzah! I hope i get table space next friday!!!

  2. me too.. My World Eaters so wanna play there this friday..

  3. We'll have at least one additional full sized table ready to go for Friday, but I'm hoping I can pull off three. Regardless, we'll have 6 tables with full terrain completed no later than a week from this Friday. :)


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