Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another hobby night in the books

Hobby night was a little quieter than the last time, with 10-12 people showing up and playing games of Warmachine and 40K. Good times! As for me, I spent the evening framing a new 4' x 6' 40K table. This will be the first table we do that will have a little bit more of a theme, rather than trying to remain "game neutral" like our tables thus far have. The next one after this will be a dedicated Flames of War table, followed by another 40K table, or possibly a Warmachine one. Time will tell!

Also, Han joined up and became our newest Legionnaire Friday night. Welcome, brother! If you haven't joined yet, why not? Becoming a member confers great benefits, and allows Legio Malaysia to continue building tables, hosting activities, and run future events. Get in the game and support the Legion!


  1. sorry for didnt show up this time.. i had to follow my family to meet my grandparents... so i'll try to make it next time i guess...

    btw, i wonder who go to the C2 AGE at HELP university this morning...

  2. Not sure about that C2 AGE event Saturday- there may have been some FoW demos run there, but I haven't heard much.

    No worries- hopefully we'll see you next time

  3. i cant make it that day.. just came back from Indonesia, doing no painting for a full 5 days.

    It will be hell lot of paint to do this week, with the Sing RTT in just a week.

    I cant make it to Legio this friday too. I'll be driving to Johor Bharu that same night..

    Way to go Legio!!

  4. Well get crackin' and get your army nicely painted! We'll see you when we see you :)

  5. just got back from phuket ... can't wait to see this table ... legio looking good with strong attendance, even with people going out of town and all ... nice ... see you at bits swap


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