Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Legio Malaysia: My POV

You may have read an announcement recently about Legio Malaysia, the wargames club. Let me share what the vision is, from my point of view.
The Malaysian wargames scene is tiny, with gamers getting together in stores and in some cases homes to get their regular fix. In the Klang Valley, I know of at least 4 regular places where people meet to hang out and roll dice, and sometimes paint - in chrono order: Games Circle, Balau, Wolf Game's Shop, Comics Mart. On top of that, I hear rumblings of FoW games in other places in KV, as well as school history clubs. Then there's the scene outside KV. I'm sure there are many others, so if you know of any, just let me know in the space below.
Legio Malaysia is designed to be the central rally point of Malaysian wargaming. It's not meant to compete or detract from the other gaming places or clubs, but rather to complement them. It's where gamers from any of the existing gaming places can come and call it common or home ground, with excellent tables and terrain, superb environment, air-con, painting tables, fridge for drinks, shelves for models, domino's or mamak around the corner.
More than that, it's also an organization that strives to continually raise the bar of the hobby in Malaysia, and help its members get to and exceed the standards. While world-class tournaments, paint projects, large battles and other events serve to dot the club calendar, it's not an eltist club, and all wargamers - noobs to grizzled vets - are welcome. Noobs get to have on-hand help on getting started, including painting, army selection, tactics, etc. Veterans get to be constantly challenged in all aspects as the bar is raised to reach and exceed global standards. We believe it is a totally realistic target to expect Legio Malaysia members and events featured in places like White Dwarf and Wargames Illustrated.
And notice, it's not Legio 40k, or Legio WFB, or Legio-insert-the-name-of-the-game. Essentially, it's meant for all tabletop miniature wargaming. We'll start with the most popular - 40k, WFB, FoW, DBA, Napoleonics (ok, maybe not so popular, but I got oodles of Austrians ), then work our way to others.
Legio Malaysia is currently based at the Battlefront factory in Shah Alam. It's got lots of great tables, it's clean, air-conditioned, lots of parking and has the added advantage of making you feel like you are surrounded by miniature soldiers, AFV and planes. Sure, it may not be in central KL or PJ, but it's a start, and it's certainly the biggest regular wargames venue I know of in Malaysia.
So go check it out. Legio Malaysia wants YOU!

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