Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hobby Emergency Being Dealt With

Yes folks, I regret to say we experienced a "hobby shortfall" in the last Hobby Night. I'm ashamed to admit a couple of 40K players were forced to play on a bare, unadorned tabletop due to a lack of gaming space. Yes, I'm afraid it's true. However, we're not getting our heads down. We have lit the fires of the mighty Legio terrain forges, and even now we're building another two mini tables to make a third full sized temporary table. We're also building and painting more scatter terrain, including some Flames of War, Warhammer, and Warhammer 40,000 pieces. We plan to have the third table operational for this week's Hobby Night, and (crossing fingers) another 3 4x6 tables finished the next week for a total of six tables. By mid June, we plan to have 10 tables good to go for some truly awesome gaming times on Friday Hobby Nights.

So, please don't be too vexed with us. We're thrilled with the response we've gotten thus far, and believe me when I say that things are only going to keep getting better over the coming months.



  1. Can we get a booking of 2 tables for Balau Boyz? Friday at 6pm...

    XD wow we need booking... Exclusive man...

  2. You get here by 6 tomorrow and you won't have a problem. Besides BMM staff, no one has gotten here before 7 in the past. So, no worries dude...


  3. I aim to be there by 6 ... fingers crossed ... can't wait to see the fruits of the forge labor

  4. I hope you like what I did with your donated/loaned terrain pieces... :)

  5. i'll be there tonight. To the Legio. Finally. Hope i'll be able to game tonight. Congrats to BMM for all they've done. See you guys tonight.

  6. Many thanks AK, though just to clarify BMM has done nothing for this venture other than to allow Legio Malaysia to use the canteen as a gaming venue. All of the ideas and hard work are solely the efforts of Legio Malaysia. It may seem like splitting hairs, but BMM is not promoting GW, Warmachine, or any other miniatures company out there. BMM is just helping a club have a place to play :)


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