Friday, May 9, 2008

First Hobby Night a Success

I just got back from an excellent evening of Flames of War gaming and 40K hobbying. Iz and Shazli fought a full scale battle on one of our 4' x 8 1/2' tables. Saleem painted his Warmachine stuff. Andy built his first German list for Flames of War, and then immediately started putting his models together. As for me, I did my best to paint Alpha Legion, but forgetting Chaos Black and Goblin Green (a primary highlight color for the power armor) sort of did me in. That, and I couldn't help buzzing around, checking things out, chatting about the club, and eating pizza. Spunkybass also popped in to say hi and check out the action, so all in all I'm quite happy with our first hobby night.

Do yourself a favor and try and make it out sometime for a Legion hobby night. Bring your Flames of War force or any other army, and get a game or two in. Check the calendar frequently for updates, and get involved! :)


  1. I'm glad I dropped by. It's a really great wargames venue. Space, air-con, clean, bright, tables, ... This is going to be my regular after the 40k tourney in June

  2. Sweet! We talked about what table to build next during the evening as well. Don't forget to vote in the poll on the right!


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